Pistachio cake


pistachi cake.jpg

I just love cakes. Not the too sweet ones nor the chocolate ones. It can be dense,moist,fluffy or whatever . As long as it is not so sweet it is good for me. Back home in India I would make the simple tea cake..just a simple mix of good old milk, eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla essence and it always tasted good. When I moved on to more complicated cakes, the results werent that encouraging. I had once made a cake, had it all decorated and took it to a friends house only to learn that it wasnt even cooked well. That was a very embarassing moment for me. So you will understand when I saw I am wary of cakes.

I first saw the recipe here. While sufing the web I found that many others had made the same recipe and everybody was raving about it. I decided to go ahead…spend quite some time shelling the pistachios and my fingers were all red and a couple were bruised after the shelling. 'The cake better be good' I thought…and when it finally emerged out of the oven I was kinda disappointed. I had imagined it to be a little 'less' dense but once I took a bite I knew it was a winner. Satish agreed and so did our friends who ate had it as a late night snack. I did not do the glaze but the next time I make this cake it will be done. I am sure it will increase the visual appeal for this wonderful cake.
I did not change the recipe a bit. But there was a little of the batter that was remaining as I did not have the baking dish that the recipe demanded. So I got creative with that..added some baking powder, a whiff of chocolate powder and a splash of milk and poured into the muffin pan. Here are the results of that…a fluffier piece of 'tastiness'.

pistachio cakes mini.jpg

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  1. I am a pretty ok cook but terrified to venture into baking, but very tempted to try ur pistachio cake. I don’t like very sweet cakes either , my favorite is tiramusu, not too sweet at all. Love your blog ,the variety of dishes posted from our ‘nadan’ idiyappam to pasta dishes keeps me coming back for more,

  2. seems to be nice one, thanks. some day i will try. once i cooked a cake, i didnt have sufficient ingerdients or things to batter properly. but it was ok though i felt it kind of uncooked! will try again 😀

  3. Hi Rocksea..nice to see you again. This cake is worth giving it a try.

    Josh, Iam definitely going to make the cake with the glaze. No wonder your cake looked so wickedly good.

    GM..do make the cake. It is lovely.

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