Olive Oil and Rosemary cake



This cake was made in an attempt to make a healthy cake. I was just browsing when I came across the recipe here. Just one look and I was ready to try this….but my mind kept nagging me. Rosemary and oliveoil in a cake bothered me…but after my butterladen pistachio cake I needed something that was a little lighter and this seemed a good choice. So against my better judgement I decided to try this cake. I have a small rosemary plant in my kitchen and so there was rosemary readily available.



The cake was a breeze to put together and smells wonderful. It tasted more or less I expected it to…it was soft and declared rosemary in every bite. It is better as a breakfast dish than a dessert. My neighbors daughter said she liked it a lot and so did Satish….but for me the rosemary was a little too strong to handle. I ate it nevertheless. I might make it again…..

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  1. Your blog is only getting better 🙂 Yes, rosemary is one of those magic herbs and it grows very well too. in one of the places we lived in, we planted one in the backyard, and by the time we left, it had become a big bush alreayd with very little care..

    Thanks Najeeb. My rosemary is in a pot and indoors for winter, but hopefully when summer comes it can move outdoors and give me a growth spurt.

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