Carrot pickle- carrot achar


If you are from South India, most probably there is a bottle of pickle in the centre of your dining table. As a kid I wasnt very fond of achar, but there was a carrot achar that my mother made which I liked. It tasted different from any other achar, and besides I loved carrots. When I went to college I used to take multiple bottles of this pickle with me as I left after my vacation. Plantain chips and carrot pickle made a good combination, as my hungry friends discovered.

I havent really thought about this pickle at all but during my recent visit to the grocery store I felt the sudden urge to get those gorgeous carrots and make some pickle. I guess just watching the mouthwatering pictures of the lemon pickle made by Indira and Kay rubbed off on me…..So I got the carrots and placed a call to my mother and the next day made the achar. It was more simple than I imagined and so tasty. Satish had never had achar this way and he was floored. It was nice to share something so special from my childhood and make it for my family. It is going to be a regular now at our table. I managed to save some of the pickle for my friends who were visiting us over the weekend and they gave their thumbs up too. And I am trying to figure out why I never attempted to try this before.

There is always this feeling that pickles are better not attempted by the novice. But this attempt has made me really bold. I used the rough recipe that I jotted down from my mother..the real recipe will have to wait till I make another batch.

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  1. Your mom must have been so happy when you called her for the recipe! So…. how about posting it so I can make some?! I just love Indian pickles of all sorts but have never made my own. Mmmm mouth watering just thinking about it.

    My mom is glad to give me the recipes, but the trouble is that she never gives exact measures. She would say,’Take a few garlic, and ginger…and so on. This was my first pickle ever and I think this is definitely one for beginners. Really easy and quite tasty.  

  2. Cmon, share the recipe! 🙂 IT looks good. I’d love to try it, Gini. Am wondering if it tastes sweet?

    Not is mildly hot and have a tangy kick from the vinegar. But there is a slight sweetness in the background, not very prominent.

  3. Gini,
    Pickle looks great. I will be waiting for the recipe.

    I will post the recipe soon, I hope. It is really hard for me to write down recipes from scratch. But this was a really nice pickle and would like to share the recipe.

  4. PLease forward me this recpe to my email address.

    And I make really nice cauliflower and radish achar let me know if you require a copy.

    many thanks in advance

  5. I came across your website while searching the web for carrot achar recipes. The pickle looks great…just the kind that I am craving for. I would really love it if you can share the recipe too

    Preeti,s soon as I get some free time, I will mail it to you. I don’t have it written need some time.

  6. Pl do mail me the recipe for the carrot achar as soon as possible. i am in search of a good carrot achar recipe.
    Many thanks


  7. hi,
    i would like to try ur recipe as my hubby is very fond of carrot pickle…..i love to prepare different type of carrot achar 4 him… pls share d recipe

  8. after posting that pic and making our mouth water, it’s your duty to post the recipe. lol. jk. but seriously..where is the recipe? please do share, i’m pregnant and i really want to have some! even the ‘rough’ recipe will need for exact measurements. thanks.

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