Belated first year anniversary for my blog



This was the first picture to ever feature in my blog

So I missed it..It was yesterday. My blog’s first anniversary. I dont know if I would have done anything grand even if I knew. But it sure is good to know that it has been an year since it all started. I started out in blogspot and then moved over to wordpress. I remember reading Amy’s and Heidi’s blogs and wishing I could write like them. And finally I created a profile and stepped into the world of blogging. When the first comment landed on my blog, I remember the joy and excitement, and I still feel the same way when someone comments.

There are times when I felt like the blog was going to die, but somehow it managed to run for a year now. Nowadays I am more or less addicted to blogging. It is not unusual to walk in our house and see both of us, busy on our laptops working on our blogs. Sometimes I think that there is no ‘theme’ to my blog like ‘indian cooking’ or ‘blog on yogurt’ and I have spend time thinking for a theme. But hey, I decided it was not worth restricting myself and what went into the blog. So I continue with no particular theme, but a broad theme called food.

Has the blog changed me and my cooking? Absolutely..There is a digital camera, now located permanently in the kitchen. I am certainly more daring with my food aspirations. So here is to me and my blog. Thanks for all my supporters (Satish, my parents, my sister Gisha, Benny my brother in law, Alvin my nephew and all my loved readers)

blog.jpg blog3.jpg
blog2.jpg blog1.jpg

These are some pics that I took in March 2005 when I first started taking pics for my blog. These never made to the blog till now.

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  1. Happy belated Blog anniversary! Your cake looks delicious .

    Thanks Lera..That cake was made about a year ago and I had posted about it then.

  2. Congratulations on the one year anniversary. I haven’t quite made it to one year, but I understand that more than half of the people who start blogs never make it that long, so it’s an accomplishment.

  3. Congratulations Gini, and Happy first b’day to salt and pepper. You mentioned the excitement of the first comment on your blog… you were the first to comment on my blog! Truly exciting moment 🙂

    Keep the excellent writing and recipes coming!

  4. Congratulations!
    am glad you don’t stick to a particular theme, especially since getting some awesome arab recipes:)

  5. Happy anniversary. Wish you many many more. Love your blog. It would be awesome if you could fedex some of your creations 🙂

    Very flattering…Why dont you step over to Connecticut. It is a beautiful place and I am sure you will find a lot of things to photograph. I read about your thoughts on career change. It must feel great to be able to pursue something which is your passion.