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I love spicy food more than sweet things. Whenever I crave for a snack with tea, I always wish for egg puffs, cutlets (Kerala style) or something spicy. Satish on the other hand is always craving for sweets. I still have Lindt chocolates left over from Christmas…But anyway, without further deviating from my post…I made uzhunnu vada this weekend. Perfect snack for a lazy day. It was hardly time consuming but it was my first time making the vada. Without a recipe, I hugely relied on memory to create the vadas. I am not sure if I had to leave the batter alone for a few hours before frying them. Anyone? Satish says he thinks so but once I ground the dal I couldnt wait and I made them.

The first few turned out beautifully i.e. looks wise. When I bit into them they were rock hard. So I added a pinch of baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Tried them again and it was hard to believe the dramatic change. It tasted wonderful…crispy, spicy and delicious. The perfect accompaniment to filter coffee. Satish made some coconut ‘sammanthi’ or chutney to go with the vadas. It was awesome..

This is how I made the vadas…

Step 1

Saok the Urad dal 1 cup for about 3 hrs.


Step 2

Drain the water off and grind it in a food processor till it forms a smooth paste. Try not to add any extra water. Too much water can make the vadas loose shape.

Step 3

Add salt, chopped shallots or red onions, curry leaves, green chillies and ginger chopped. I also crushed the shallots, greenchillies and ginger together in a mortar and pestle. Then add a pinch of baking soda to the batter. Stir everything together and let sit for 15min.


Step 4

Apply some water to the palm of your hands and shape the batter into donuts.(Make a round ball and use your finger to create the whole in the centre.)


Step 5

Add them to really hot oil and deep fry. Remove when golden brown and serve with coconut chutney.


u4.jpg u6.jpg
One cup made about 10 vadas…enough for 2 very hungry people. I was so inspired by the success that I was ready to attempt a second batch today, but alas the dal container is empty. I also attemped to make rasmalai the same day with fair results. Got to work more on that…will post on my first rasmalai attempt pretty soon.

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  1. Gini – the vadas look awesome and perfectly shaped! And I love your ‘kadai’ with the draining rack! Is that a wok? I like it since it has a flat narrow bottom and is broader on the top. This should heat up quicker on the eletric stoves. The kadai I have is round bottom, makes only a small contact with the burner coil! I can turn on the heat and take a nap 🙂
    Thanks for the baking soda tip!

  2. Wow! Your vada is a perfect round with a perfect hole in your palm!

    I’m curious about the pan too… Looks very beautiful as well as well functional. Where did you get it? Never seen one like this, before.

  3. hi,
    thanks for dropping comments there.Your recipe is my favorite.Your palm is versatile to hold batter than banana leaf or clingfilm.
    congrats.please do visit again.

  4. hi,

    nice recipe, thks for the baking soda tip , my vada gets hard nex time i will try the baking soda
    as for the pan. i got a same one, its a wok, its in ikea store, its sold with the rack , you can remove the rack too,

    Thank you Priya for clearing it up for everybody. The baking soda does amazing things to the vada.

  5. Hi,
    Ur wadas are perfect looking looks like ur expert cook,they look yummy. I’m curious about the pan too… Looks very beautiful as well as well functional. Where did you get it? Never seen one like this, before.

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. As Priya
    disclosed, it is a wok from the ikea store.

    The baking soda adds such a delightful crunch to the vada and makes it so much softer too..

  7. Hi,
    Ur minapappu vada looks awesome.After coming here i tried only kadalaparupu vada but not urad.
    let me give a try for this “Ugadi”(Telugu new year).

    ‘Minapappu vada’ means uzhunnu vada, I guess. I hope you try it and let me know.

  8. hi gini.. like u i too crave fr spicy snacks.. nd vada is my fav.. so i make it whnevr i can.. its better to fry vadas as soon as u make batter.that way it wont take up too much oil.nd u just hav ti soak it fr 1 hr.. thats more than enough..i do it like that all d time nd it works..

    Thank you for answering my question, Sumi. Really, just one hour soaking. I will definitely try that next time.

  9. I was planning on making vadas a few days ago so I put the urad dal to soak in water. Then I came down with a flu and wasn’t able to make the vadas. The urad dal has been soaking in water in the refrigerator for 2 1/2 days. Do you think I can still continue with the recipe?

  10. Hi Giniann
    Thanks for the mouthwatering vada receipe. The pictures look beautiful. Wonderful job.
    Whenever I made vada it came out like rock.I never knew we have to add baking soda.I tried the receipe and it was better than all my previous tries.(softwise)
    I am going to try again and again because vadas are my favorite tea snack. It brings back the good tastey memories of mom’s cooking.

    if possible Plese post how to make parippu vada. Thanks in advance.

  11. I love uzhunnu vada even more than parippu vadas…..It’s a wonderful snack. My hubby is a uzhunnu vada fan too so I make it quite often but haven’t tried with baking soda….thanks for that tip. Keep such recipes coming. Great job! Just like others have mentioned the wok looks great too. Neat idea for frying, huh? I’ll try to get one such wok for me too when I visit Ikea store. Thanks again.

  12. hi ginnian
    ur vadas r very nice to c.i tried them before but without adding baking soda but they came gud.but ur tip seems gud i wil try them today.i love vadas.hey ur wok seems gud.wher is that ikea store?

    Did you try it with the baking soda? Mine came better with the baking soda. The ikea store is in New Haven,CT.

  13. Thanks for the recipe…. I tried it today… It was my first time making uzhunnu vada…. and they came out real good….

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