Welcoming spring- Cherry blossoms at Washington



This weekend was absolutely perfect. The weather was just right and we were in Washington DC, enjoying the cherry blossoms. It was such an awesome sight and looked picture peCherry blossomsrfect. Pink is girls favorite color and to be sorrounded by all this pink….well, to put it mildly I was overwhelmed! We stayed with friends and had great food and lovely conversations. Thanks Deedees for having us over! Now that I am back in CT, the weather is rainy but that makes me appreciate the great weekend I had even more…

Here are some pictures from the trip. They dont do justice to the beauty of these blossoms.



Cherry blossoms up close and personal…


The skies were blue and gave a nice contrast to the pink of the blossoms

c5.jpg Relaxing with the blossoms

ch.jpg Asingle tree

The blossoms are of different colors, which makes it more interesting. So if you get a chance, visit this place and have a great time.

If you travel to the city, take the train. Try not to drive as the parking is very limited. You can spend hours stuck in traffic and getting all aggravated ( I learnt this the hard way and hence the tip). So pack some light food as there is no food in sight and when there is, there are long lines.

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  1. Quills couldn’t agree more. It was a great way to start off the spring season.
    Karthi I hope you go next time. It is really beautiful. The crowds are insane but you can find quiet places and enjoy the flowers.
    Thanks RP…I saw your blog and it really is quite nice.

  2. Cherry blossoms are the first sign of impending spring.. sign that we survived the winter..that life goes on..
    We have plenty of cherry trees in our street and it is such a lovely sight..

  3. Sarah..enjoyed reading yr blog. Cherry blossoms are such a welcome sight after winter, you are so right about that.

    Oh..I love curling up in the house when it rains!

    Thanks Gustad.

  4. Hey gini..U do have an eye for beauty…the one photo especially that says “Salt and Pepper” on the bottom is really very nice…I always wanted to visit DC but hopeffully i might some time soon…….Hope u had a great time gini…

  5. Gini, I’m catching up on all the wonderful posts I’ve missed reading sofar.
    First let me congratulate you on your fabulous selection of this new theme. The color is rich and gorgeous, I love love your current theme. WordPress really offers fabulous themes to suit any palatte, doesn’t it? Very appealing, rich and pleasant to the eyes. I’d have gone with this theme, if I’ve started my blog right now. That Good!:)

    Cherry blossoms changes otherwise very dull, museum kind of atmosphere in DC. The beauty takes your breath away, I agree. we’ve been to DC during CB season several times, everytime we felt like we were in some dreamland, a very crowded one, ofcourse.:)

    Beautiful pictures. Good tips about sightseeing DC, finding parking is impossible and food is scarce.

  6. Thanks Indira..The theme is so Indian, isn’t it? I knew that it was the right one as soon as I saw it. Sometimes you just know,right?

    Ed..Thank you. The view was even better.

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