A sunny day


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A walk outside can clear your mind. So that is what I did yesterday. We have a small garden attached to our home, and apparently the guy who lived before us was an avid gardener. The garden is the most wonderful thing, it has flowers for every season, and every time you venture out there is something new to greet you.

Here are some pics from the garden..

When all the tulips and daffodils that I planted last fall bloomed, it was a proud moment for me.


Nothing says spring better than daffodils.

for 4.jpg

After the invigorating walk, I was all inspired and whipped up the lemon almond torta from the Travelers lunch box.


And today I was able to sit outside with a piece of cake and cup of tea, enjoying my tulips and 5 little goldfish ( No..I haven’t named them). Gotta love spring!

fpr 5.jpg

P.S This post was originally written last Wednesday, but I downloaded the pics only today. It was rainy and gloomy today, and this post was a great way to remind me of the past few warm and glorious days.

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  1. Hi Gini,
    Beautiful, refreshing photos. I love hyacinths, and i loved the color. Have many more enchanting evenings in your garden.

    Thanks..It is my first time growing hyacinths and I am encouraged by their beauty and at how easy they are to grow. All I did was dig holes and add the bulbs. No nutrients or anything…but they did well. 

  2. Gini! Isn't it a delight to find out what there is in your garden? As the new buds and leaves start pushing their heads through the soil? Your tulips and daffodils are gorgeous, too! I love your hyacinths, too! And goldfish! Do you have an outdoor pond? Have you done anything special with it? I have an old whisky barrel that doubles as an above ground pond. I am thinking of making it into a Chinese garden but I am not entirely sure. If you have any ideas you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to find out what you are doing with your pond.

    Thanks manisha..We had inherited the pond with the house. It is kinda small but we haven't really done anything to it. It has waterlilies in it, and has a pool liner which is starting to tear in many places. The previous owners had some sort of pumping motor to move the water around, but we have so far neglected the pond, mainly due to ignorance. Hope to find out the right things to do this summer, and will let u know. 

    The barrel might be a good idea for a water garden. There are some lilies  in the pond which are in containers, and seem to be doing well without spreading all around. You might need a water pump if you plan to put fish in the barrel, I think.

  3. Beautiful images. Your garden looks a delightful place to spend time in, so soak it all up. The result from the inspiration looks gorgeous too 🙂

    Thanks Sury.. Yes, these are the little pleasures of life.

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