Mango chaat


The theme for Jihva( JFI) this month is Mangoes. Mangoes in US are nowhere close to mangoes from home, but complaining doesn't help. We made a conscious decision to live in this country, and so we have to live with mangoes from South America till mangoes from India makes its way here. So hopefully next spring we will be blogging like crazy about mangoes from back home.

Anyway, living here doesn't mean you can't have memories. In Kerala, usually during the long summer vacation, it is customary that all kids are send to stay with their cousins or to their mother's home. There is stiff competition at the house where all the kids gather to get to the first mango that falls of the tree when the winds sweep through. Oh..I remember the excited squeal of the lucky kid who chances upon the mango hiding under dried leaves. For the more energetic and for those who don't have patience for the mangoes to fall off, there are enough stones in the yard to try their throwing skills. Man, it was fun but it was tough competition too….But grandparents had their own secret stashes of mangoes, often used to bribe kids to put up their best behaviour.

For this event, I made some mango chaat as I was looking for something new,something I never had before. I had chaat before but not the mango kind, with added onions and cucumber. I was unsure of how it would all mix together, but the chaat masala binds all different flavors together.

Recipe source: 500 indian recipes


Combine roasted peanuts, chopped mango, chopped cucumber, grapes and any other fruits that you can find. You can also add onions( I added chives as they are abundant in my garden) and a green chili for heat. Sprinke some lime juice. Adjust seasonings to taste. Set aside for about 20 mins for flavors to combine well. Just before serving, sprinkle some chaat masala. The burst of flavors are so refreshing, and this is a dish that is so easy to make . Perfect as a snack or for brunch.

So head over to Indira's blog for the round up.

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  1. Complaining about what we lack or miss is a human nature, that we all share and enjoy, I guess. Some are very vocal about it and venting among a group of friends, who share their pain is kind of self-thereapy, I think, which is a good thing for health.:)

    Mango chaat and your photos are simply marvelous!
    Thanks Gini, for participating in JFI-Mango Event with this wonderful recipe.

  2. Amazing simplicity. back to roots write up. Come summer vacation and packed off to grand parents or uncles and aunts homes and playing the whole day under the shades in the garden — y did we ever grow up ??

  3. Hi Gini, I love chaat in in any forms. I want to definitely try this chaat recipe. What brand chaat powder do you buy?

    I liked your cool green layout.It makes it very salt and peppery šŸ™‚

  4. Gini, I absolutely agree with you on your comment about all the whining people do about how they can not appreciate the ingredients available oustside India.

  5. Chaat with mangoes is a novel idea, Gini. Addition of chives is interesting. I am still not as courageous to experiment with ingredients so different from each other. Great job there!

  6. Archana...Thanks. Mangoes and nostalgia go hand in hand.

    Indira, it was my pleasure to participate in the event. And you did a great job hosting. And about complaining, might be therapy to some and not so therapeutic to others…whatever works! šŸ™‚

    Yeah, SH. Chives are abundant, thanks to previous owners who knew a thing or two about gardening.

    Revathi, I sure am one person who liked growing up. But now that I am nearing my thirties, I wish I could stop growing now.

    LG..Badshah brand. And yeah, I love the template. Hope to participate in full swing for the Green Blog Project.

    D.D..I send you an email. Yeah, agree …nostalgia and whining, have a thin line seperating them.

    Vaishali..raw onions gives me heart burn. So for my fickle stomach, I added chives.

    Vineela, yeah one of the easiest things to bring together. Healthy and looks good too..

    Mangoes with chilli and salt was my sister's favorite, Lakshmi. Yum!

    Santhi..I guess it will work with all fruits. Chaat is an acquired taste, do you agree? The first time I ever had chaat, it tasted so weird..and by the second time I was hooked. I was eating chaat after a long time now.

    Arjuna..Thanks. Your mango recipe was awesome too..Hope I get to trying itl

  7. I don’t think we should encourage meat eating – WE ARE MORE ADVANCE AND WE ARE INDIANS – JAI HIND

    Dont think that being an Indian means no meat. I personally grew up eating meat and do like it. I believe religion and food are a person’s preferences, and should be determined by the individual.

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