Tomato and spinach rice–stylish side!



This is a no fuss and delicious side dish. We made this to go with some lamb chops and they were beautiful together. The recipe was from my new cookbook. I have been trying quite a few recipes from this book, some successes and failures too…This one was a success!

Recipe( measurements are approximate)

Basmati rice cooked 3 cups

Chopped onion-1, Garlic cloves- 2 crushed, Tomatoes – 2 chopped.

Cumin and coriander powder – half tsp. each ( jeera dhania powder)

Carrot – one small ( coarsely grated) and peas ( 1/4 cup)

Vegetable stock _ 1/4 cup or as needed ( optional)

Baby spinach – 1 cup or a big handful

Cashews fried – 10 or more

Salt and pepper to taste

Heat oil or ghee in a pan, fry onionsand garlic until soft ( about 5 min). Add the tomatoes and cook for about 5 min. To this add the jeera dhania powder and cook for 2 min. Add the cooked rice to it and stir well to combine.

Add the grated carrot, salt and pepper. Add some vegetable stock at this point if the rice seems too dry ( about 1/4 cup) Lay the spinach on the surface of the rice, cover and cook till the spinach is wilted. Fold the spinach into the rice.

Sprinkle fried cashews on the rice mixture. Serve as a side dish or with curry.

Submitted for ARF Tuesday at Sweetnicks

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  1. Beautiful pic!!! I think i have everything in stock( happens very rarely ) to try out this recipe today

    Did you get to make it?  

  2. Hi Giniann,

    Just happen to visit you today, lovely pics and i took a quick round up on your site, lots and lots to try on stove.

    Will visit you often.. keep posting!!


  3. Looks so good and pleasing…..I’ll be trying this out soon….thanks. I’m visiting your blog for the first time…. found lot of interesting and must try recipes in your blog too….thanks a lot for all the efforts in sharing your recipes….good job!.

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