Weekend travel- Bar Harbor, Maine



We had no weekend plans till last Friday as we thought Satish had to work this weekend. But work wrapped up by Friday afternoon and we had the whole long weekend. We knew where we wanted to go- Acadia National Park in Maine. So we booked our rooms Friday and left home early morning Saturday.


A very friendly bird

Maine is really big! We drove miles without seeing any major towns for a long time. The tourist season is just starting in Maine, so we had an easy travel on the road. The weather was perfect for the 3 days we were there. Acadia had breathtaking views. We drove along scenic drives, biked and hiked. We had some awesome food, and met some great people.Had a totally relaxing and wonderful weekend, a weekend with nature.

If you ever travel to maine, make sure you catch some breakfast at Two Cats. This is the best breakfast place ever, so good that we ate breakfast there on all 2 days. I loved the place so much I bought a T shirt and jacket from there.

Two Cats 130 Cottage St, Bar Harbor, ME Tel: (207) 288-2808

On our way back , we stopped at Maine Luau for some lobster. Oh my gosh! It was so good. We had lobster dishes at Bar Harbor, but nothing matched this. To eat with fingers, sucking on the lobster, and not needing to worry about what others might think of the way you eat. It was wonderful.

Maine Luau 324 Bar Harbor Rd.Trenton, MA 04605.

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  1. beautiful pictures!! we had a pretty wonderful week-end too with lots of driving along the pacific coast…and those lobsters do look yummy….can you believe it, I’ve never had a lobster before…the thought of all those claws grosses me out…but this dish looks juicy and yummy…check out my blog for my BBQ pics if you have time

  2. Great pictures Gini. Yep Acadia is a charming place. It gets more beautiful in July as the trees started sprouting leaves just now.. it is even more gorgeous in fall.

  3. Gini:

    Beautiful pictures. One of my friends has lived in Maine for some years and she always sings praises about it. May be I will get to visit it once during my lifetime :).

  4. Nabeela..your BBQ pics are so good…reminds me I should use our grill.

    Arjuna, I can only imagine how pretty it must be in fall. Maybe we will go back.

    Luv2Cook, It is a ‘totally worh’ trip. Hope you get to go.

  5. What lovely photos of Acadia! I have lived in New England most of my life and have yet to see much of Maine — these make me want to jump in the car 🙂

    Best wishes 🙂

  6. Linda, hope you get to visit Acadia soon.

    ROR, we stayed at a hotel about 2 miles away from the park. We took an ocean view room but the fact is we hardly spent enought time in the room to enjoy the view.

    Thanks Vineela.

    Deccan, Maine this year? You are travelling far and wide this year. Good for you. And I believe they have great fall foliage to enjoy in October. Visit here for more info on what to do every season.

    Shankari, Thanks. The lobsters were indeed very very good. More than their taste, I felt the greatest enjoyment was in eating them.

  7. LG,you are right about those lobsters. Oh yeah I am back from the vacation.I posted those pics after coming back. Dont have the luxury of going away for a long time.

  8. Thanks for posting the Two Cats address. We are in Bass Harbor right now and planning on heading into Bar Harbor for breakfast 🙂 Glad you had fun!

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