Snake gourd-$ 65, winning an auction -priceless


Sometimes you do things against your better judgement. And when that happens you end up with a $ 65 snakegourd ( known as padavalanga in Malayalam). In our church we usually have auctions of stuff that people grow in their homes. These events can be fun, but they do turn competitive sometimes, and that is when price of a snakegourd reaches $65.

Padavalanga( Malayalam for snake gourd) is a climber and needs an support framework to grow. They hang from the framework, long and slender. Some people tie stones at the end of the padavalanga to make sure the ends don’t curl up, and you end up with a really long one as in the picture above. Before cooking it, the seeds are the ‘cottony’ thing on the inside is scooped out and removed. Then it is chopped into the required size and shape.
A closer view A closer view

A look inside
We brought it home Sunday and had ideas on making a coconut based gravy curry but then found out we did not have enough coconut. I found this recipe which was super easy, and needed only a small amount of coconut which was all I had. I had tried a baingan recipe from the cooks cottage which was exceptional. This was no different. I must admit that I overcooked the dal, but still tasted great. I loved the addition of lemon juice at the end.


Sliced and ready to cook
I only used 1/3rd of the long gourd, there is enough for more variations. Hopefully it will last fresh until we make our next kitchen entry.


Ready to eat accompanied with some cabbage thoran.

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  1. Yup!! It was pretty long and creepy, Manisha. There is enough left over to make 2 more decent curries. Things have been crazy around here and have been on a pasta diet for some time. Hopefully I can find some coconut and time to make some Kerala dishes from those.

    Priya, I think it might look a little longer in the picture. The recipe was simple and straightforward. I love everything I make from cookscottage. Your idiappam looks really good. I havent made idiyappam in a long time. Have some frozen ones though.

  2. Nabeela, I think the way I took the pic makes it look longer?
    Arjuna..that is what I said when I realized Satish paid $65 for it. I was busy talking with people when he entered the bidding war. No complaints though!

    Yes KK.
    Asha, You have got a great blog going on. 10years? Is this not available in NC?

  3. Yes, Very good
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  4. Very impressive..but how long IS IT?
    I have grown long gourds..8 longest.
    How can I get seeds for this padval?
    What tips for long length growing?

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