What’s cooking?


I love following recipes from blogs. One of the major reasons I love them is because I have a picture to see how it is supposed to look like when a ‘real person’ makes it. I am a very visual person and if I am using a cookbook, I usually pick the most goodlooking one. This can be frustrating because the dish you cooked maynot look anything like the dish in the cookbook. But if you follow a blogger’s recipe, more than likely you will end up with something that looks similar to the one in the picture. That is such a comforting feeling.
Just wanted to share some of the recent attempts at cooking from blogs.


Tomato rice in the cooking from Mahanandi ( absolutely wonderful recipe)


This chole recipe was spectacular–to look at and tastewise. Original recipe at Sugar and Spice

Other successful attempts previously blogged:

Padwal kootu ( original recipe here)

Palak kofta ( original recipe here)

Aloo methi ( original recipe here)

Deccani baingan ( original recipe here)

Lemon ricotta pancakes ( original recipe here)

I am sure I have tried more of other blog recipes but never got to blogging about them

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  1. Good of you to cook the dishes and give credits to whom they belonged!!
    I know lot of bloggers donot do that and take credit for themselves changing the ingredients here and there!!!
    Thank you for posting the recipes so I can try them now knowing that you liked them šŸ™‚

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