I am not a big fan of memes. But this one was interesting. I had a rough draft since I was tagged, but never made it through the whole list till now. Thanks Vineela. I enjoyed writing this.

I am thinking: about what to eat for lunch
I said : Jeez Louise!
I want to : have a weed free garden.
I wish :there was a nice Indian bakery that sells ‘meat puffs’
I regret : not visiting Singapore to see my sister and family. I miss you guys!!
I hear : rain on the roof.
I am : a pessimist.
I dance :  at the drop of a hat.
I sing : out of tune.
I cry : when I feel insulted.
I am not : very good at starting a conversation.
I am : a lazy girl, love to be spoiled.
I write : rough drafts that I hope will one day air on NPR
I confuse : people with my name.
I need: some workout outfits.
I tag: Rooma and Mahek

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  1. Gini,
    There is a book called ‘Weed Free Gardening’ by Lee Reich. It describes some unorthodox methods, but he is a well-respected horticulturist. I have the book, but haven’t had a chance to try out his methods.

    If you ever make a trip to Edison, NJ, you may want to visit ‘Hot Breads’ in the Panchvati Complex on Oak Tree Rd. They sell chicken puffs, chicken curry puffs etc which are pretty good IMHO.


  2. Hi Gineesha,
    Was nicing reading your meme…thanks for participating…btw you got my name wrong. I’m Nabeela not Vineela :)…they sound the same I know, but we’re different

  3. Hi Giniann! read your MEME! You sound like a sensitive soul!! AWW…I was tagged too last week,take a look if you like…and it’s okay to be nice , you know!! :)) Thanks!!

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