Flower Fest: A is for Achillea



Achillea in my garden—my entry for Flower Fest.
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I love flowers but not gardening. We are lucky to have a garden that is low maintenence. It is a great feeling to just step out and see all the different flowers in the garden. Such a nice way to relax. Thanks for hosting this event.

This plant is also known as Yarrow. They are low maintenance, but they spread very easily.

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  1. They are so pretty gini….. would love to see more of it…..

    The new look of your site looks great (not that the first one was bad… haha)

    Thanks for tagging… but i am a little new to this… can you tell me what is it all about?????

  2. Gini! Yarrow is simply wonderful! You are so lucky to have yarrow in your yard. (Could that be called alliteration there?!) I love your picture. More so because it has an ant on it!! It lives! It breathes!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful flower as an entry to Flower Fest – A.

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments. Flowers are so comforting, aren’t they? Everytime I come back tired from work, just a look at these flowers and you feel better already. Hope to participate more in these events.

  4. Usha, Thanks. The plants are pretty abundant everywhere. Once they are established, they are really hard to remove. They are so easy to grow. You should be able to find it through any local nursery or on the internet. If you live somewhere near CT, come pick it up from my place:)We have so much of it.

  5. RP, yarrow is very easy to grow. It’s hardy and grows in full sun. You may need to do your part to contain them from taking over the flower or rock bed! They do well in hot and dry climes – I saw a lot of yarrow when I was out in RMNP at 8000+ feet in mid-September. The flowers range in color from white to yellow to pinks to reds. It has fern like leaves and does not grow tall so it is often used as a ‘filler’ plant.
    Gini, I hope you have the time to participate again and submit an entry for B!

    Thanks for answering RP’s question, Manisha. The hard part is controlling them. And yes Manisha, the entry for B is up. Thanks for the reminder.

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