Stir fry noodles



After using some of the noodles for the salad, I had enough left over for a decent meal. The idea to make noodles for lunch hit me when the hunger pangs hit me and I needed to make something quick. There was nothing to reheat in the fridge, and this was the perfect oppurtunity to use up the noodles.

Last month when we went to New York City to meet up with our friends, we went to an Indo Chinese restaurant. I had almost given up hope of eating good Indo chinese food in the US. You can imagine my sheer joy when I landed in this restaurant. I forgot the name of the restaurant, but next time I go there I will be sure to fill you with the details. We had something called hakka noodles which were just yummy and this was my attempt to recreate it. After the dish was made, it was nothing like the original but still yummy.



Cook the noodles seperately in salted boiling water.

To a hot pan, add some sesame oil. Add some ginger and garlic chopped, followed by veggies ( scallions, cabbage, capsicum, snow peas, carrots etc.) and stir fry on high heat. For heat add a couple of slit chillies. To this add some soysauce, salt and a dash of rice wine vinegar. Stir well to combine. And that is it. Decorate with the green of the scallions and some sprouts.

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  1. Aww… the noodles look so beautiful.
    I was following my technorati tags, did you make baked rasmalai?

    I have all the ingredients in the fridge still, waiting to be made. I was really determined to make it on the day I posted it for dinner, but somehow didn’t happen. It will soon happen, I promise!

  2. The noodles looks just like the ones served at a gourmet restaurant! What noodles do you use?

    I used the fresh chinese noodles. At my grocery store, they were just next to the veggie aisle or right with the tofu.

  3. hi,
    your noodles very great.easy too.will give a try.thanks for sharing.

    They were super easy. Stir fry the veggies while the noodles are boiling. Then just scoop the noodles into the veggies. Done!

  4. i know how u feel. there is no decent indo chinese restaurants around. but ur noodles looks good, so why bother going out?:)

    It tasted nothing like the food at the indochinese restaurant. I keep thinking of going back to NY City just for that food, but time is so scarce. Thanks for that very kind comment

  5. Colorful and lot of veggies!! Yummy!! Mouth watering!! Thanks!!

    It looked pretty good by the time I was done cooking, which was a bit surprising for me. Thanks for the comment.

  6. I can guarantee you that the place that you went to is called Chinese Mirch. It is my favorite restaurant in NYC as well. Damn, I miss it…

    You know what, I think that is the same place. Haven’t been there since.  

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