B is for butterfly!


When we first saw our new house, it was in the middle of winter. Other than the snow covered ground there was nothing much to see outside. We finally moved into the house during summer and were just taken aback to see all the diverse plantlife that just kind of ‘sprung up’. Although we have mostly neglected the garden since then, it still produces stunning flowers and attracts a lot of butterflies and birds. Once in a while, we both feel guilty and clean up some areas of the garden but it is not a sustained activity and once again the plants just go wild! The plants must be liking the new owners- no rules, no cleaning, just live life.


There were originally 2 butterfly bushes- one blue and one white. All of a sudden, with no particular reason, the blue one died. It was there one day and the next time we looked at it, it was dried and gone. We poured tons of water and tried to convince it to stay, but it died anyway. But this summer, on the other side of the garden a new butterfly bush suddenly sprung up and I was so relieved to see it. It took away some of my guilt from last year for neglecting the other bush.

Now about the butterfly bush, they are usually pruned in late winter. In the spring, they start growing back and grow to large sizes by summer. Almost always, you can fing butterflies and bees gathering around this bush. Doesn’t need any special care, the only thing I ever do is to prune them in winter.

This is my entry for Flower fest being hosted by N&M.

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  1. Gini, the round-up has been posted by N&M. Take a look whenever you have some time.
    I’d love to be a plant in your yard. I like the rules or rather, lack of rules!

    ‘Love to be a plant in my yard’…you are hilarious! I know you like the outdoors but life in my yard might be a tough call. I did look at the roundup and I am just amazed at all the drawing talent. After I use up all the pics on my computer, I will be left with nothing as I can’t draw at all:) Thanks for the reminder again, or else I might have missed it. I am a last minute person and it is always a mad scramble at the end. I try to be better at it but nothing seems to help.

  2. What a shame – I seem to have missed the butterfly bush photo which now seems to be unavailable. Good call on the winter pruning, although early spring serves well too. Looking forward to mine attracting butterflies any time soon!

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