C is for chive



Chive flower – my entry for Flower Fest, hosted by the very talented Sree

Chives are abundant in our garden during spring and summer. They have small purple heads and have a lot of oniony flavor. If using in salads, I seperate the flower into small pieces and scatter them. Little bursts of onion flavor. Some say chives and roses grow well together and I think this is true. The chives under the roses flourish much more than the ones that are standing alone.

This is a recipe I want to try next time with these flowers. And this one.

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  1. Gini, you’re the first entry for ‘C’!!

    I had no clue that chives had edible flowers. I always assumed it was only the stalk that was consumed. Your post sent me off on a virtual trail and I found some more interesting recipes with these flowers, apart from the ones you have linked to: chives vinegar, goat cheese spread. Wow!

    Also you’ve identified chives or wild allium for me. I’ve seen this as a wildflower on my hikes but just haven’t got around to nailing it down. Although the ones I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks were drying up. After last night, not a chance that they are out there anymore!

    So a double thank you!

  2. The chive flowers look wonderful! Mine didn’t flower at all…maybe its because I grew mine in a pot. Anyways…I was reading your previous post on okra, and I loved the dish you made using it. I am an okra fan too…and thankfully so is my husband. The only reason we don’t eat okra often is because we don’t get it fresh always. I hate using frozen okra because no matter how much you fry it on high heat, it always remains slimy.

  3. Manisha, you are very welcome.I didn’t know chive flowers could be used in cooking until this year. I only used it in a salad but the vinegar has absolutely grabbed my attention. Bundle up for the winter. Although I have gotten to not hate winter, I am really cold sensitive and even in this mild weather, I am already in layers! You must have a good cold tolerance living there.

    Nabeela,I can imagine how slimy frozen okra might be. I think maybe it needs a year before it blooms. One bunch that I have only puts out few flowers, but the other bunch seems like its been there for some time now and it blooms like crazy.

    Thanks SH,the chives were here from the previous owners. I added some shallots this year, will have to see how they spring up next year.

  4. I have chives in a small container. I hoped I would get a flower, but it never gave me one. Now that we had a couple of frosts already I am not sure if the plant is going to survive.
    Thanks for giving me the feedback on rasmalai. I am so happy for you. πŸ™‚

    Are you bringing the chives inside. They are perennials and should come up next year..Hopefully flowers next year. Yes, that rasmalai was phenomenal.

  5. Wow gini, you have chives growing in your garden. Do consider entering your recipes for Green Blog Project. πŸ™‚

    I did enter couple of recipes last time. That is one of my favorite food blog events, in addition to Flower Fest.

  6. Gini,
    I’ve seen chive buds but never a fully blossomed flower – didn’t know they looked so pretty. You can make yummy onion-dosas/uthappam with chopped chive and onion mixed in left over idli-dosa batter.

    Faffer, that is a wonderful idea. Never thought of that before. That would make a nice presentation!

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