D is for Dahlia



Dahlias are so pretty! Having dahlias in your garden is like going to a Broadway show. They are dressed in spectacular colors and their petals are so resplendent!

This was my first time growing Dahlias. I had bought the dahlia tubers from the regular grocery store,brought them home and buried them in the ground in late spring. When the mysterious plants started growing in the garden, we weren’t sure what it was but once the buds started to form memory kicked in. Ah! The dahlias!

I had no idea they would grow with no care. So much for ordering stuff from expensive mail order catalogues. I am buying all my bulbs from now on at the grocery store. And when they bloomed, it was absolutely gorgeous! I could just stare at them for long times and not grow tired. They all bloomed profusely and we had gorgeous cut flowers at the dinner table every time we had guests.

My neighbor tells me that the tubers of the dahlia must be dug up in November and stored inside, to be replanted next year. This year we had white and the purple dahlias. Maybe we will add more colors for next summer.

This is my entry for Flower Fest.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ve not grown dahlias before. Those are beautiful.

    RYC: You can make chicken broth from cooked bones. In fact, that’s what I usually use. I think it adds some extra depth to the broth.

    Thanks Ellen. Cooked bones in broth…usually they end up in my mouth. 

  2. nice photos..i love this flower.Thanks for sharing them.:-)

    Meena, thanks for stopping by. Dahlias are really easy to grow too.  I thought these plants were real fancy and need special care, but they are very easy going:)

  3. Do you really dig up all these and plant them again? I just leave them,add some buld fertilizer, tha’t it..Too much work..:))

    They are worth doing all that though, beautiful color!

    Really? I didn’t know that. So far I haven’t found the time to dig it up. I guess I will leave in the ground and see what happens. Thanks a lot for that input. 

  4. Thanks you for visiting and leaving a comment on my site, Gini! I love your blog! I’m not much into gardening but reading about your flowers and vegetables may just get me started! 🙂
    Lovely pictures, too!

  5. Hello Giniann,

    Those Dahlias look gorgeous.If ever you come to UK,you must visit the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew..you will find an abundance of dahlias if you come around june-july.

  6. hey … wow the Dhalias are so pretty ! Thanx for visiting my site ..me very new to blogging and was thrilled at my first comment . Glad to come to ur page .. have married a mallu(from Kerela ) and all i wanan do is learn the mallu way of cooking !! your page will be of gr8 help !!Kerela cookin and Gardening .. think i’ll pick that up from u !!

  7. Vani, I hope you do get started. Start with something simple and some perennnials. I try not to plant any annuals, but sometimes I may buy one.

    Gustad, now that it is cold no more broadway shows in our garden. Looks like we will have to pay and travel to NY for shows now.

    Vinaya, thanks for the tip. I will definitely keep that in mind. A London trip has been in the planning for a long time, but haven’t been able to find the time yet.

    Vanita, thanks for the kind comments. Kerala cooking is a wonderful thing to learn. I am still learning, eventhough I am a Mallu. We will learn together then.
    Is your hubby into cooking?

    Thanks very-very-very much, Nidhi.

  8. hello, i enjoy looking for your DAHLIA flowers.. but i need a receipe of a DAHLIA PERFUME.. SO YOU JUST SEND ME THAT.. PLS. I NEED THAT.. SO THAT MY DOUGHTERS PROJECT I MADE TO BE DONE.. THANKS…

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  10. hi , i was just lookin for pictures of dahlias on the internet and came across your blog. i am a big fan of dahlias, growing up back in india we had them in our garden . in fact, my younger daughter is named Dahlia!

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