E is for Echinacea


I was quite sure I would have to skip participating in this edition of ‘Flower Fest‘. My brain was overwhelmed with deadlines and exams, and I was sure I had nothing to contribute this time. The garden was bare and there was nothing to shoot. But Manisha was there to ‘think’ for me. In her comment, she asked if I had any coneflower. Of course, these plants are almost everywhere in our garden, and I had some pictures. The botanical name for coneflower is Echinacea, and I got a flower with the letter ‘E’. So this post goes out with a big thank you to Manisha.

These plants require no care. They bear flowers for a long time and attract a lot of bees. Towards fall, when the flowers start to dry out, just let them be. The seeds are a source of food from the birds during the cold. Plant coneflowers for a bird friendly garden.

I am on vacation at Vegas, but couldn’t resist participating in this wonderful event. Join in guys!

Early blooms of Echinacea purpurae

P.S I didn’t have any picture of the flowers in bloom, just the buds.

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  1. Gini, yay! And that, too, a post while you’re vacationing in Vegas! I love the second macro shot. It’s gorgeous!

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do. My Colorado theme might take a beating but I have a feeling I have an unidentified weed/wildflower that could qualify. Let’s see! Otherwise I will have to try use my hands to create something!

  2. Gini! this is wonderful, my entry for the letter E is the same:) I have painted them in their full bloom.. together with ur snaps, it completes the set! The snaps are really beautiful!

  3. Sree, you are right. They complete the set.

    Thanks Nabeela. The camera is a Canon Powershot. Kind of old now. Have been thinking of getting a new one for some time but haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Thanks Asha. I didn’t care much about gardening in my earlier years. I was all into pets. Now that I don’t have a pet, I think I am starting to get interested in gardening.

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