Destination: Las Vegas


We were in las vegas for about a week. We still are in Las Vegas airport as our flight is delayed for a few hours because of bad weather in New York. The weather is perfect out here but that doesn’t help us now, does it? Asides from this delay at the airport, we had a fun and relaxing week.
Las Vegas was fun for the first few days. After 3 days, the cigarette smoke and loud music started taking its toll on me. I just wanted out. And we did. We went to the Grand canyon for the next 2 days and what a nice change it was. It was an absolutely wonderful site and provided a much needed change from the Las Vegas scenario.

Although we had some amazing food at Las Vegas, we are craving for some home cooked meal.

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  1. Siddharth, thanks for visiting. Yeah, Las Vegas can get to you after a few days. When we were waiting at the airport for the delayed flight, I heard the same opinion from so many people. Yet, people just flock there. I felt it was too artificial. But I am glad I found out what it is all about.

    The North Rim was closed, so we went only to the South Rim. You said it, Manisha. It was absolutely breathtaking. It seemed like the view changes from hour to hour. I sure will post pictures once I get something to eat and is done with unpacking!!

  2. I know! We visited Vegas with the kids, bad idea! Except Circus Circus Casino , they didn’t let us in any other bcos of the kids:D

    But a great city to visit for a short while, it’s Diwali everyday. Lights and more lights!! Fun though.

    Glad you had a great time, Gini 🙂

  3. Asha, whenever I saw people with kids at Vegas I couldn’t help but say ” What were they thinking?”. You are right- I think everyone should visit there atleast once, but make it a short visit. Thanks for your visit.

    Vanita,thanks. Yeah, I can tell you about some places we ate which were really good!

  4. My wife and I went there last year and I’m proud to say that we went straight to our hotel to get over our jet lag (came from Australia) and left the next morning in our rental car without going to a single casino or other tourist trap. Instead we went to Hoover Dam which was amazing and then onto Zion National Park (fantastic!) followed by The Grand Canyon (north rim), Hovenweep and Santa Fe. All very worth the visit.

    America is an amazingly beautiful country and I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people go to such plastic travesties as Las Vegas when there is so much more real beauty to be experienced in the South West.

    Then again, I can’t understand why MacDonalds is so popular either.

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