Fried Green Tomatoes or Green tomato chips



Green tomatoes are real pretty, but it is hard to find recipes for them. Whenever I would look

at these beauties, all I could think of was ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’. So one day after grabbing some

green tomatoes from the garden, I set out on a recipe search. All the recipes basically involved

dipping in some kind of flour and frying it.

I could do that. Dip and fry. So I did and made these….

Step by step instructions:

After washing and drying the tomatoes, slice them into slightly thick rounds.


Take an egg and beat it. This is one part of the dipping process.

In a second plate, take some rava or semolina ( can substitute corn meal). Add salt and pepper to it.

Spice lovers, feel free to add some chili powder( do you see the potential here?).

Take a slice of tomato, dip in egg and then into the semolina. Drop into hot oil and deep fry.


Remove after the outside start turning a slight brown. Drop onto a paper towel to absorb the oil.Sprinkle some salt on top if you like and serve hot.

I had it with rice and curry. When Satish came home, I made a fresh batch and we ate it all by itself and was great.

I think the key is to have them while they are hot and just out of the oil.


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  1. Delicious!! Nice pictures – it is tea time, and I am craving some ๐Ÿ™‚
    You won’t believe it! I was searching for green tomato recipes only two weeks ago – when I had a bag full from the garden and didn’t know what to do with. I came up with something or other – will post them soon..!!

  2. These look simply scrumptious Gini! I’ve always wanted to have fried green tomatoes, ever since i watched the movie with the same name, but can never seem to find and green tomatoes at my local grocers here!

  3. Hearing for fisrt time that tamotoea can also be used as chips..and green tomatoes..great!..will try when I get green I don’nt have a garden at my backyard..Thank you for sharing and lovely pic.

  4. Thanks Sangeeta.

    @, I am all curious to see what you made from those.

    Meena, I dont think I have seen green tomatoes at the store either. I got them from the ones in my yard.

    Nabeela, the besan batter sounds good. The semolina gave it a nice crispy bite.

    Pushpa, thanks.

    Gustad, thanks man for dropping by.

    Meena, chips is something I named it as. It was crisp on the outside and tasted like tomatoes on the inside. Now I am not so sure if I was right to call it ‘chips’, but I think I am going to let the title stand.

    Asha ,thanks.

    Lakshmi, I think they are perfect snack on a cold day.

    Ashwini, Thanks! For some reason, every time I looked at them all I could think of was fried green tomatoes.

  5. Bhargavi, your okra raita looks so good. Tokyo must have a lot of other great veggies.. How is the sushi over there?

    Thanks Sra

    Mandira, oh yeah. Thanks for reminding. You are hosting, right? Will send them your way.

  6. The pictures look good enough to eat. I have made the usual ripe tomato pakoras…but even I used to think Fried Green Tomatoes, what wd they be like?

    This is gonna be a keeper. Thanks for sharing. And boy, what pics!

  7. Hi,
    this is my first time visit to your blog.
    the pics you took of green tomato is awesome. I am speechless to see this great pics ,really!
    You have a nice blog here,
    May i add you to my blogroll?

  8. Thanks Vani.

    Anita, I didn’t know that you could make ripe tomato pakoras. If I can do that, I could make a colorful combo with the red and green tomatoes.
    And I made the adai as I couldn’t resist after seeing your pictures. They were really good. I only used toor dal and urad dal.

    Welcome to Salt and Pepper, Pooja. I would be honored to be part of your blog roll.

  9. Thank you Lakshmi. I am going to the grocery store to get some chana dal for your dhokla. I don’t have any chana dal and all of a sudden, everyone seem to posting such fabulous recipes with chana dal. You guys! Can’t postpone the grocery store trip anymore.

  10. Hi Gini,

    Your photos look great!and the green tomato bajjis look good.I used to watch american cooks like rachel ray and Sarah(don’t remember the last name) making these fritters.Looks like I have to try it soon as I find some green tomatoes.

  11. The Sara who comes on saying ‘ I am executive chef of Gourmet magazine’? I forgot her last name too. I should have posted them a little earlier. Looks like with the cold all the green tomatoes are gone.

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