F is for false indigo


flower-fest-logo0.jpg false-indigo.jpg

False indigo or Baptisia australis ranks among one of my favorite plants. The foliage is greenish blue and has flowers that resemble pea flowers. They bloom in early summer.

My neighbor keeps telling me to get rid of this, as it stands towards the front of the border and distracts from the rest of the plants. But there is no way I am touching this one. I absolutely adore this plant. Doesn’t need any attention at all. The leaves tend to grow outward and may need to be trimmed .


This is my entry for Flower Fest.

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  1. Gini, you are indeed very lucky! You have a yard full of beautiful flowers!! I haven’t seen these before and they are exquisite. I wouldn’t get rid of them either if I were you!

  2. Shaheen, thanks. Is it that good? Yeah, all these flowers grow right in my yard. Mostly planted by the previous owners who knew a thing or two about gardening.

    Manisha, I do! They are staying where they are! Thanks for concurring with me.

    Sree, I have to find out how the name got attached to the plant.

    Trupti, thanks for the input.

    Asha, thanks.

  3. Priya, thanks.

    Linda, thanks for asking about my holidays. It wasn’t perfect but still good.

    Sandeepa, I totally agree. I don’t think I could ever keep up with a ‘proper’garden. The best thing I like about this garden is that there is something growing at most times. There is a lot of change all the time. And thanks for those words because most of the time I do feel like I am not doing enough in the garden.

  4. The first one is a very beautiful picture. Really liked the way you framed it. The fact that the color of the flower has come out well indicates that the picture was well exposed.

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