Photos: Grand Canyon



Yaay! School is over for this semester. Couldn’t wait to come home and relax with a cup of tea. I still have to be working, but atleast there is no stress of exams. Atleast for the next 3 weeks.

Our trip to Grand Canyon was last month. It was one of the most incredible places I have been to. We only had 2 days there, and I won’t miss a chance to go back there. We stayed in vegas for 4 days- too long! We decided to take a bus to Grand Canyon and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated not having to drive. We could just sit back and relax and our driver had so much information to share with us. I strongly recommend taking the bus. It will make your trip much more pleasant.

We stayed at a lodge in the Park. The accomodations were wonderful and the food decent. Overall a wonderful experience!!


This bird kept posing for a long time. I guess it didn’t mind the company at all!!


See all that green at the bottom. That is the Indian Garden.

Indian Garden is a small oasis that exists about 3000 feet below the rim, on the Tonto Platform, at the junction of the Bright Angel and Tonto trails. The only reason for Indian Garden being where it is is the existence of Garden Creek, a perennial water source. Up until the early 1900’s the Havasupai indians used to raise corn, squash and beans at Indian Garden and this is how it received it’s name.( Link here)


I found this plant with all this nice fruit. No idea what the name of the tree is. Oh wait, I think it might be the utah juniper. The pictures do look alike!


These are all native american artwork. Those rugs were pretty pricey. I bought a small vase.


No matter how many pics you take, you can’t seem to translate the beauty before your eyes. The views are just breathtaking, and it seems like the view changes as the day goes by. You gotta see it to believe it!!


Shadow play!!



This building looked like it was abandoned. I thought it was a stunning building. The woodwork looks similar to those in old homes in Kerala.


We hiked a small part of the Bright Angel Trail. It can be a very taxing hike, especially coming up, as the air becomes thinner. We found a guy who was having some shortness of breath. He was okay after resting for some time. But the these mules will make your climb much easier.


Satish looks wishfully at the lucky ‘climbers’.

I am resisting the temptation to post more pictures. But as I said, they can’t do justice to the beauty of the Canyon. No wonder it is ‘The Grand Canyon’.

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  1. Beautiful pics! I have been there,It’s just Amazing!!Feel like a little worm infront of of all that:)

    It is a very humbling experience in front of all that grandeur.

  2. Beautiful pictures !! The Indian Garden Picture is breathtaking. I had been to GC 5 months back and I missed that beautiful building and those plants.

    These were next to the Bright Angel Lodge.

  3. U really found that house in the grand canyon.. its does remind me of the woodwork in the Padmanaburam Palace(we had to document that during college)and in Nepal.Nice photos.

    Yes, I have been to Padmanaburam palace but the woodwork is vague in my memory. Thanks.

  4. Gorgeous…..Loved the pictures,and I loved the architecture of the house..How pretty!

    Glad you had a good time, enjoy your time off from school.


    Trupti, that woodwork was so close to the ones at our ancestral home. It was such a unique building. I am totally enjoying my time off. Are you too?

  5. Your blog should be renamed Visual Treats. Isn’t the Grand Canyon awe inspiring? I haven’t been to the South Rim but my husband has hiked there. When we drove across the US and back, we stopped for a few hours at the North Rim. It’s isolated and has far fewer visitors – the way I like things! I wanted to just bow down to the magnificence of what I was looking at. Your pictures are simply gorgeous and I could spend hours just looking at them! Thank you!

    Thanks Manisha!! Totally awe inspiring! I certainly want to go back to explore more. Next time I want to go to the North Rim.

  6. We have been planning to visit the place for quite sometime now and ur post has tempted me even more! Thanks for visiting my blog and do keep visiting 🙂

    I hope you are convinced enough to visit. You will never regret it.

  7. Its so beautiful…isn’t it?? We went to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon on our First Wedding Aniversary. Its was just awesome, but you can only see and feel its beauty when you are there and you can see it from your own eyes. 🙂

    Very nice pictures…

    Happy Holidays.

    That must have been wonderful. Did you hike a lot? No matter how many pictures you scramble to take, you finally realize the futility of it all. Have to just stand and enjoy the show before your eyes.

  8. Beautiful pictures Gini! The beauty of GC is indeed awesome. Nothing that the grandeur of nature to make one feel very humble.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    Absolutely, SH. Happy holidays to you too. Enjoy!!

  9. I’m still gasping from this beautiful blog of yours, and these gorgeous places you shown in photos!

    Thanks Gattina. Travel to the Canyon to be totally blown away!!

  10. Beautiful pics Ginni. I loved the vases. They are so beautiful & I would love to own one of them. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next International Trade Fair for something like this.

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