I is for iris


Mind you, this is no ordinary flower. It is named after the Greek goddess Iris, and it is strongly believed to be the flower associated with the fleur-de-lis. Despite its grand associations, irises are relatively easy to grow. Bury the rhizome, and new plants sprout from it.

Around here, the weather has been acting all bizzare. No sign of snow so far. Sigh! And I noticed yesterday that some of my hyacinths have started to peek their heads. No good! If this weather lasts too long, I will soon have tulips and hyacinths blooming by February. We really need some snow!

The National Weather Service said that last month appeared to be the first December without a snowflake here since 1877 (Here)

Here is the iris patch in our garden. Last year they bloomed in May. This year…


This is my entry for Flower Fest.


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  1. I knew your garden would come through with an entry for I! Would you believe that I didn’t care much for irises till last spring? When I discovered I had them in my yard? I love this exquisite flower now! There are wild irises in the mountains and this spring – if we can dig ourselves out of this horrific winter (we have all the snow!) – I plan to go look for wild irises.

    Thanks for a lovely entry, gini!

  2. Manisha, your enthusiasm is unbeatable!Wish we were nearer- I would love such trips! I missed letter H somehow, and I was pretty disappointed. I guess I had gotten used to the reminders. My own fault!

    I know you guys got a lot of snow. I am afraid to look at the garden these days because I see another plant that has sprouted when it shouldn’t have.

    ROR, nice to see you here. Me and Satish were discussing your pics the other day. They are so stunning!

  3. Gini, I’m sorry you missed H. I was late for H, what with all the snowstorms and a houseful of visitors. If you have something for H, send it along. I’ll update the post. đŸ˜€

    And, I looked through ROR’s pics on Flickr – wow! I’m a fan!

  4. RYC: I make broth from the bones and stuff from roast chicken. I actually think having things roasted ahead of time adds to the flavor of the broth. Typically, I just keep a gallon freezer bag in the freezer and add its of meat, bones and such as tome goes on. When it’s full, it’s time to make broth!

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