Phirni- Glad I found you!



Ashwini did a great job of hosting JFI- coconut. Amond the 70+ dishes my eyes were on this white concotion in a cute cup. It was called Phirni. I had no idea what the heck Phirni was until that moment. I was so into Phirni after reading the post that I was searching for more info on phirni on the net. But Ashwini had it all covered in her post. It is indeed a Mughlai dish. I also see it listed as a Kashmiri dish, a Punjabi dish and is also very popular in Rajasthan. How did I miss this delicacy so long?

The Phirni looked so fresh and so full of clean flavors, I just had to try it. Better late than never.

I used a mix of almonds and pistachios for the dish. For the recipe I consulted both Ashwini’s and Roopa’s recipes!!

I understand this dish is served in small terracotta dishes as is shown here . I think I will try to get some when I visit India next time.

As Ashwini mentioned , it tasted much better the next day! This definitely is a keeper.


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  1. Looks better than the original!!Pista and Almonds did the trick:))

    Aren’t you nice to say that? Thank you! Pista gave it a pretty green hue. It is such a great treat.

  2. hey Gini,
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog again. I try to do a new header whenever I can. Hope not to run out of steam πŸ™‚

    Incidentally, I left a comment (a request actually) on your ‘about’ page. Just in case you didn’t get around to reading it, here I go again:

    I was wondering if it’s okay by you if I took one of your yummy recipes (i’m thinking the methi pomfret, maybe), tried it, made a watercolour sketch of it, and posted it on my blog?

    Of course, I’d give you all due credit, and link you all the way.

    Could you let me know if that’s alright by you?


    Yeah, as I said your blog is one of a kind. I am a total fan!

  3. I love the cool tool on ur site.. How did u do it? One of my neighbours used to get phirni for us during eid and that was awesome. good to see u trying it. Now i got reminded of it.

    Not sure I understood what tool you are talking about?
    Phirni was available in Kerala? I want to try a street version of it.

  4. Delicious!!! Simply Delicious!!!! Its one of my favourite sweet dishes πŸ™‚ Must go and chek out what their versions are. Thanks dear !!! πŸ™‚

    No probs coffee. Do you make this at home too?

  5. Oh do I love phirni. Glad you found this delicacy for yourself Gini

    All because of you and Roopa. Your rose phirni is so exotic. That is next to try. Have you ever tried making rose petal jam?

  6. ok, now you’ve intrigued me too! I’ve heard about phirni, but never tasted it. Your lovely picture is inspiring me to try it out!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


    Try it Saffron. I am sure you can add your own wonderful touch to it.

  7. Oh! I always wanted to make this. Saw this in a Sumeet Mixie cook book. Now that you have made it, I know I am not wasting my time…Great!

    That’s right! You gotta taste it to believe it. It is really good! Don’t forget to add the rose water.

  8. Hi ,
    this looks really nice than the oriaginal one.
    picture is great !
    i keep looking at it for a while.
    thanks for sharing

    Aren’t you nice to say that? Thanks!

  9. Hi Gini,
    Thanks for visiting my blogspot and leaving those comments. I feel very happy when I get noticed by senior bloggers like u πŸ™‚

    Well, I guess u re into photography too. I loved those pics of flowers and herbs. The pics of ur biriyani…hmm..mouthwatering, I realise it was not a good idea to do bloghopping around my lunch time !! I think thats going to be my weekend special πŸ™‚


    Shn, come on now…senior blogger? Makes me feel really old! Just kidding. Appreciate all the nice words. Hope you have fun with food blogging:)

  10. This is my first time visiting your blog, and it’s gorgeous! It’s also interesting that this is one of the first posts I read, because it brought so many memories back for me! I grew up in Iran, and my mom used to cook this for us very often as a comfort dessert, topped with almonds and cinnamon. Mmmm.

  11. Hi Gini,
    I am just getting around blog hopping after a long break. Your version of phirni looks great! I love the lovely green tinge pista impared to the phirni! Glad you liked it!
    – Roopa

  12. its great i tried it came out too gd……………my husband do not like sweet but he also liked it ………I just relished it

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