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For the life of me, I coud’t find a dish that screamed ginger. Kerala Fish Curry was in my plans for a while, but then I couldn’t find decent fish. Today I landed on this recipe, and as fate would have it, I am contributing to JFI Ginger. Hurrah!!

Ginger is indispensable in an Indian household. Shown below is a patch of ginger growing at my home in Kerala. Usually there are a few patches of ginger growing close to the house. When you need ginger, take your digging equipment and unearth fresh ginger. The wonderful smell of ginger on your hands is pretty amazing. Of course, as a kid I hated the chore of having to get out and dig the ginger out of the soil. Now, I wish I had some freshly dug ginger.


Original recipe here

I followed the recipe exactly, except for using greek yogurt and cold milk.


Yogurt – half cup

Chopped ripe mango – a handful ( I used frozen mango)

Sugar or honey – 2 tbsp or adjust to taste

Low fat milk ( cold) – 1/2 cup

Crushed ice- half cup/handful

Fresh ginger- 1/4 – 1/2 tsp based on your taste. I used a thin slice and chopped it into thin strips.

Powdered cardamom – a pinch


Just mix everything in a blender. If too thick, add more milk or cold water.


Adding fresh ginger to mango lassi was new for me. I liked it, but I suspect it could take getting used to.

Hugs to Rosie for hosting JFI Ginger amidst her move.

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  1. awesome. looks lovely. it’s blazing hot here in singapore and i could do with one of these. been trying to grow ginger in pots for years with much success, i have to admit.

    Really? I would think that since Singapore is almost the same weather, ginger would grow well. I guess it needs to grow in the ground.

  2. Hi Gini — I got some lovely young ginger the other day and have some sitting in yogurt now in the fridge. Was going to try a lassi for Jihva — I like your recipe better! I am not a huge ginger fan unless it’s combined with other flavors. The way you describe it, freshly dug from the yard, makes me think twice 🙂

  3. I’m reading this entry by imagining myself drink the smoothie.. ;p
    I’ve never tried to mix mangoes and ginger, but it really does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing..
    Can’t wait for the next mango season in Kerala…

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