JFI Potato- Potato studded with cumin and crushed pepper.



Familiarity breeds contempt. We see it all around us. I think that is what is happened to the potato. Take a lot at these sayings and tell me if I am wrong.

A couch potato — someone who is glued to the TV and never exercises

He’s a cold potato. — someone who is not warm-spirited

Small potatoes — not much

Hot potato — a problem nobody wants to deal with ( Link)

Potato has never been a favorite in our home. We usually buy one or two when we need it. Anytime we bought any extras, they are left to sprout or shrivel, as the conditions in the kitchen permit. Inevitably, they end up in the garbage( the extra ones).

When JFI was announced, I bought 4 idaho potatoes. And after a consultation, this dish came alive.

Recipe :

Boil potatoes in salted water till cooked. Slice into quarters.

Spread cumin onto a surface. Take a potato slice and press the slice onto the cumin gently.

The cumin will attach to the potato. Fry this with the cumin side down on medium heat.

Remove from fire using tongs. Sprinkle salt. Serve warm.

I also applied red pepper on some potato slices.

To make things a little more happening, pour the remaining oil with bits of cumin and crushed pepper over the potatoes.

Serve as an appetiser with some chutney or as a side dish.



Head over to to Vaishali’s Happy Burp in Pune to give dear potato some well deserved show of affection!

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  1. Gini, u re a good food photographer;That simple potato dish looks so attractive and tempting in ur picture. U can have a thumbnail gallery for ppl like us to just sit and watch those snapshots 🙂


    Shn, I do have a thumbnail gallery. Look at the top of the blog.

  2. Hi Gini, even in French, potato-related sayings aren’t flattering, heh heh.. you can imagine what it means to call someone a “sac de patates” (sack of potatoes) – lumpy and shapeless! 🙂

    Your potatoes definitely look very “happening”! 🙂 It’s funny, but potatoes also sometimes suffer the same sprouting fate in my home!

  3. You made this dish, ate it, and you still don’t have more affections for the poor spud?!
    But I am definitely going to make these easy and great looking potatoes!

  4. Hi that looks interesting. Normally the potato is a hot favourite. Surprising that people at your place do not like the vegetable. The chilli flakes on the dish look add such a lovely look to ‘plain’ potato. Such a simple and yummy recipe.(

  5. While we are discussing about topics relevant to JFI Potato- Potato studded with cumin and crushed pepper. Salt and Pepper, There all sorts of classifications for peppers. There is the scientific classification method that uses the genus and species name: The most commonly known and cultivated genus of peppers is the capsicum, whereas the five most common species of peppers (all within the capsicum category) include: chinense, frutescens, pubescens, annum, and baccatum. All of these types of peppers are also labelled chillies.

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