End Blogging Break


My vacation is cancelled. Disappointed? Hell yeah!

But these beautiful tulips keep me cheerful.

And these lovely comments.


Ashwini, I am not running away after you decided to ‘dis-hibernate’.

Thanks for all the wishes. The semester ended well. We had to reschedule our vacation and we are hoping to go in a couple of months.

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  1. Thanks, Revathi! More time to get ready for my vacation, right?

    RP, thanks. Last time we planted some funky looking tulips and they weren’t half as pretty. You really need the old fashioned tulips to really feel like spring.

  2. Aw, that’s too bad! A girl needs her vacation! I hope you are able to make travel plans again soon!

    I’ll bet you did well in your exams though!

  3. Thanks, Reena. If we had gone on the planned date, I really didn’t have enough time to pack my bags. Now I can take all the time I need to pack my bags : ) But if I really did have a choice, I would have gone with half packed bags.

    Manisha, I agree! And I fully intend to have it. Just a slight delay : )
    Exams are all over, and will know soon how well I did. But the most important thing is that they are over. The sense of relief that this semester is over and the fact that I have now 4 months to not study are so precious.

  4. Thanks, Bee. It’s hard to be not blogging when spring is around.

    Shaheen, thanks for the wishes. Hopefully I wont miss the chakka and manga season in Kerala.

    Thanks Anusha.

    Inji, that saramillatoo felt really comforting. Sure, you can send it.

    Sushma, thanks dear.

    Dilip, we are really happy with our tulips this year. It really brightens my day to seem them all blooming and colorful.

  5. Oh dear! I hope you get to go on a nice long vacation soon!

    Those tulips are so beautiful. When we buy a house, I want you to come and plan my garden for me, will you? 🙂 I love looking at those beautiful pics from your garden. Thanks for sharing it here, Gini.

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