Radish Flowers


radish-flr-with-bee.jpgSee the bee?

Last year, I had planted some radish plants. They were the simplest things to grow, and I had a very good yield. Apart from crunchy radish, they also produce the most beautiful flowers. These pictures are from last year.

This years radish are still waiting to sprout. If anyone out there is a newbie to gardening, and want some easy-to-grow plants, radish is the way to go. I didn’t use the flowers in cooking last year, but I am sure they would be great as a garnish.

It’s been a while since I have participated in my favorite event. Submitting home grown radish flowers for Flower Fest.



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  1. You have gorgeous pictures here. I didn’t come here for a long time now, (my RSS readers are messed up big time).

    Never knew radish has so beautiful pictures. A great entry for R.

  2. gini, my mom had radishes in her kitchen garden but i have never seen these flowers or have not bothered to check what grew there :(:(. those look so pretty.

  3. Shilpa, glad you found your way back here : ).

    Suma, I was surprised too.

    Anusha, I dont remember how long they lasted. I was googling to see if I could find some info on radish flowers and all I could find was carved radish flowers. Haha.

    Sandeepa, let’s add one more to that group.

    Reena, I guess I was able to see the flowers because I was too lazy to pull the radishes out on time. Your mom must have never let them have flowers.

  4. Thanks, Vini.
    Gattina, you have good eyes : ) In fact, I didn’t spot the bee till I uploaded the picture.
    Mathy, these flowers are from the red radish. You are growing radish ?
    Manisha, I have more radish seeds sprouting for this season. Hopefully they will be as successful as last year.
    Dilip, thank you.
    Ari, you have a great blog. Love all your pics. Glad to have introduced you to radish flowers.

  5. Oooh! Beautiful flowers, Gini! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am satisfying my cravings for a garden, by visiting your blog. A delight for the eyes and mind! Thanks for sharing it here.

  6. Beautiful photos.
    Last year I broadcast radish seeds in early May. I did no weeding, no watering, and no improvement to my clay-based soil. Radish plants did grow. I was able to eat about five or six, but the rest had skinny, long roots, and the plants began flowering.

    Such pretty, dainty flowers…I had to let them grow (rather than till the soil and replant.)

    I did not keep track of the plants, but I distinctly recall flowers lasting several months, possibly until we had a light snow in December. I may not be a gardener for veggies, but I can grow some nice flowers!

    The seeds from those plants last year are now growing and preparing flower buds. I’ll be lucky to get some nice photos like yours!


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