Summer berry – Mulberry



I know it is my second post of the day. I am just back from a two day vacation. I am invigorated and have tons of energy. Energy to do such simple posts but not for recipes.

These fruits are from a mulberry plant that has decided to climb over our neighbors fence and give us a share of the bounty too. Feeling unappreciated can make you do things like that. : ) It is a crazy maze of a trumpet vine, a grape vine and the mulberry plant tree. Today I had the energy to find my way into this maze and return with these berries.


Today’s pick

It seems like Americans don’t think these berries are edible. No one else seem to be enjoying these berries around here. I am not complaining, the more for us. As kids in Kerala, these were all the rage. Most of the berries were consumed before they were this ripe because we were impatient to let them get this ripe, and also your friend might eat it before you do if you wait.


Mulberries are sweet and tart and they also stain purple. Natural lipstick, I say.

Unripe mulberries at Inji’s

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  1. My dad has a variety of these growing on a tree that’s probably over 100 years old. It was already a large tree when his parents bought the farm in the 20s. It produces long (up to 1″/2.5cm) fruit in the early spring. Amazingly sweet and tasty but it’s hard to get them before the birds clean the tree off.

    100 years old! Wow! It must be really big.

  2. aren’t these the blackberries?

    The picture does make it look like that. But they are not. They are a bit longer than blackberries and the taste is different.

  3. Don’t you just love Summer fruits?:))
    I just came back from vacation, and to my surprise my garden looked like veg market!:D

    Aren’t you lucky?

  4. Wow, these are not black berries, they look so similar. What does this berry taste like?

    The pics are appetizing

    Tart when just ripe and sweeter when really ripe.

  5. I have never tasted these berries.They are looking really tasty.Good pictures ๐Ÿ™‚
    Giniann thanx for stopping by my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    Since your blog is word press too, go to your widgets and click on each widget like recent comments etc. Every where wordpress has given new options .For Categories it has drop down list option and you can change the background colour for recent comments.
    I noticed it yesterday and did the changes. I thought I will share this info with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks, Archana…I hadn’t noticed that.

  6. Wow Gini, beauty…. We had these in our backyard too… and yeah, it was eat’em raw or lose’em… ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    I have seen the bushes here on some roadside fences, but wasn’t sure if I could eat these…. Looks like you are still alive and kicking, so next time I will collect some…

  7. Hi Gini,
    WOW………very nice with lots of new dishes………I love your each post with nice description………Really you work great my dear………..your Mulberry looks yummy I never taste it but I say this is very tasty as I show the photo……….Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am really very impressed to see your good not good but excellent work.

    Kajal, very appreciative of your nice words!

  8. I only recently tasted muberries. I work in a 18th century garden, we are very lucky to have 3 very old mulberry trees in the grounds. They are absolutely delicious with an unusual taste. We spent a couple of hours picking and eating.
    Eventually moving on to do some work I couldn’t help but notice my hands, bright red mulberry juice stained, my fellow gardener assured me its fine as it matches the mulberry lipstick I had on!! Ut-oh there is no hiding what we had been up to all afternoon.
    Mulberries are a delicious fruit, one I have missed out on until now. I now cant wait to pick more and try out some recipes.

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  10. I have a nonberry mullberry in my front yard. We just bought our house it was built in 68′ and our tre is huge. We need to know what the life span of these trees are. Most of the tops of the tree are dead and we need to pruneit.We were just wondering how old they get since we need to cut it back if it has already past its life span we need to know if we cut it back or cut it down all togather. please let me know soon as you can. Thanks

  11. I love Mulberry. You can make an easy summer drink that is refreshing. Blend Mulberry, Watermelon, Ice, lime juice and a bit of sugar (as needed). Yum Yum

  12. I have a new mulberry tree in my backyard. About 5 years old. The fruit is only about 1cm long. I was wondering if the fruits will get bigger as the tree gets older. The tree is only about 2 meters tall.

  13. I discovered this year that the mysterious tree growing in my yard was a mulberry..Its been there for 3 years and this spring i could see berries forming..I’ve never seen a mulberry tree very happy….and the berries are so good..!!!

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  15. hi
    i loved the image of mulberry in the bowl….I would like to use it for my product…is there a way i can buy it from you?
    kindly revert on my email id..
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I had a mulberry tree in my backyard as a child. I loved picking and eating the delicious berries. The neighborhood children were afraid to eat them so I had them all to myself!

  17. Very cool to know this is a mulberry. I’ve got one in my front yard but have been unsure what it was or even if the berries were edible. Tasted one and it was sweet, with a bit of tartness to it. If I could find a way to keep the birds out it would be great.

  18. Yes your are right in that many people in America just dont think they are for eating.
    They are very good to eat and bake with also awesome in jams.
    I have been wanting some for some time now so I posted a wanted for Mulberries on our local free cycle group and I got a huge responce from people that have large trees and they dont use the berries. So I will be a picking for the next few days then off to making Jam, and pies and just eat them.

    They are the best yet not sold in stores and good in so many ways.

  19. I like em! Up until today, I just called them blueberries! biggg difference. I’m American and we grew up popping these off the bush. And I say bush because we never had a tree, they just grew on bushes. They’re always so hard to get at though. They’re usually on a prickly vine-y thing or surrounded by ‘sticker bushes’ and you get pricked just to get at em. Worth it but for only so long. These things are good and free if you have a bush. They always seemed to grow on their own in the right season. I don’t ever remember planting them or watering anything. They do their own work. Awesome mid-day treat.

  20. also i like them when they’re red or sometimes green. Im guessing the’re not ripe yet. They have a bitter-y taste to them that cannot be duplicated. mmmm

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  22. Just picked a bunch from my back yard. I never knew much about mulberry trees except it was the tree that was a pain in the butt because it stained everything around it.And the berries tast really good.So i thought wonder if you can make jam with them,so i got online and WOW there is so much about mulberries there very very good for you and they have anti-aging things about them .check out Mulberries nutrition facts and health benefits.

    • I discovered a Mulberry tree on my property today. I initially did not know what it was, so I took a branch sample and went to the web for the tree identification. I am so excited! I have always enjoyed the smell of simmering mulberry and mulberry spice. The berries are still green too. I am planning on freeing the tree of it’s overly weighted fruitfulness in a couple of days when the berries ripen. I am so excited.

  23. have just discovered a local mulberry tree and had my first taste yummy!!! lots of health benefits too! i will be picking this week before anyone else gets there and trying out some recipes.

  24. AAAAH I picked 3 cupfilled amounts today and was curious what they were and if I’ll get poisoned. Good thing they’r Mullberries. Funny thing is they’re growing in on Walgreens lot so somehow the tree just sprouted there.

  25. We have them a lot here in Zambia and I love eating them in actual fact they remind me of when I was growing up in Lusaka I can eat them to no end. Oh they are lovely. Yum yum!

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