Grilled Rack of Lamb



My favorite item on the grill.

Inspired by this.

This recipe is a regular at our place, but this was our first time cooking it on the grill. It looked spectacular and the smokiness from the grill added to the flavor. The lamb chops came from Costco.


After applying salt and pepper on the lamb, sear it on a hot grill, 2 mins per side.


Then move it to a less hot part of the grill, and cook for 10 to 20 mins per side, depending on how much you want it cooked.

You can use a meat thermometer . For rare 120 degrees and medium is 150 degrees.

Few minutes before taking the rack off the grill, slather Dijon mustard on both sides and coat with herbs. We held the lamb rack with mitts, and rolled it in the fresh herb mixture ( parsley, rosemary and thyme). Cook for another 5 min.


Remove from the grill, rest for about 15 mins .

We had it with a salad and linguini with pesto.

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  1. That looks awsome! Wow, I have to make myself a outdoor grill! That looks so succulent.

    Make your own outdoor grill. Anita, you are a go getter.

  2. That looks absolutely amazing, I can almost smell the aroma! I love lamb.

    Me too. It took me a while to get accustomed to the taste, but now it is one of our favorites!

  3. I love grilled food especially with that smokiness u mentioned…but my indian palate requires more ‘kick’ when it comes to eating lamb 😀


    I know what you mean. The mustard does give it a kick, but not as packed as the Indian spice kick.

    • Try dry rubbing the rack with Garam Masala spice and glaze the finished product with pureed mango chutney with fresh ginger, cilantro leaves, garlic and some Garlic Chili or Sambal Olek and finally fresh squeezed Lemon juice and zest.

      • Brian,
        I don’t care for Garam Masala (Indian condiments/flavors are one of the few tastes I just can’t seem to like no matter how hard I try). But I am grilling a rack of lamb with just salt & pepper, and going to have a side/topping with your ingredients…sort of a salsa thing….

  4. ooooooh my favorite item on the grill too…. rack of lamb… your recipe will definitely be tried…
    my favorite marinade for lamb on the grill is a garlic rosemary pepper paste, it is amazing… will blog about it sometime…

  5. u love lamb, don’t u? 🙂 nice picture.. i haven’t tried the entire rack on the grill.. normally just make the sliced ones.. and ur grill looks so clean!!!

  6. Oh! that looks fantastic…… I don’t have a grill like that. I just have george foreman’s electric grill, but somehow I’ll have to try this one out. thanks for sharing this recipe.

  7. Gini, I like your recipe. When cooking lamb the most important ingredient is the lamb itself. Costco lamb is some of the best we get in the country (USA). The owner of Jaspers, a four star restaurant in Kansas City serves nothing but Costco lamb. As stated by this “Beards House” acclaimed chef, Costco lamb is simply the best in quality and price.

    Like Jasper, however, I believe you will get your best grilling results if you brine your racks overnight in salt based brine. There is scientific reason why brining works and the recipes can be very specific for the meat you are brining. If done right the end result is a juicier, more intense and flavorful piece of meat. A good example of flavor and juiciness might be in the rotisserie chickens that they sell at Costco; the secret to the great end result is that all of Costco chickens are brined prior to cooking.

    Best Regards,


  8. Little trick: wrap just the exposed rib bones in a foil. It makes cutting and serving a lot easier if the bones aren’t brittle as they can get when grilling.

    Of course the biggest factor is cooking them correctly. Got to know your grill…

  9. oooh that looks delicious – not got any racks of lamb though – thinking about cutting my hand off and trying to recreate – will this work the same?

  10. Grilled Rack of Lamb… Thanks for sharing this simple, yet fabulous recipe. I followed the recipe without the fresh herbs. Awesome with the Dijon mustard. Did a second rack with teriaki honey mustard which was also awesome. Very easy to grill and awesome flavor. Victor

  11. Hey everyone –

    I’ve used this recipe about 5 times now. Trader Joe’s has great New Zealand lamb racks for pretty cheap, and I grow my own rosemary. This is the BEST recipe EVER for grilled lamb !!

  12. A nice simple approach to a lamb rack. I like that. With this you can just try a few things like a little lemon, different herbs and oils. One thing is with lamb, it has its own taste. Sauces are nice with beef, but lamb, well it stands on its own. Spruce up the dinner with side dishes but leave the lamb on its own.


  13. I have been grilling lamb for years and all I do is put on a little salt and pepper. I like mine with Jalepeno Jelly and my wife likes mint jelly. yummmmmmy

  14. I am grilling a small rack right now! And… I bought it at Costco. Since it is a holiday I am serving it with mango/strawberry/mint salsa, homemade rolls, my special potato salad and baked beans. Can’t wait to eat, lol…

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  16. Am trying this recipe out. Have the fresh herbs. Im roasting a potato with olive oil and the herbs as well. Hope it goes well!

  17. Love rack of lamb & WOULD love to try this! But have gas grill, so at what heat would you set it, is grill open or closed, & for how much time? We’re not allowed to have charcoal grills!

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