Goodbye La to Singapora.



We are back home after a 3 week vacation to Singapore.

What a destination. Singapore is so easy to like with great people, great food and great places.

Coming back home, everything feels foreign and strange. It could be the jet lag or the mystical power of Singapore still hovering over me.

More later…


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  1. Good place to visit, terrible place to work – especially in the media πŸ™‚ But there are some things about Singapura that I still miss, even after nearly 6 years in the UK! Can we see more photos, please? πŸ™‚ Feeling a bit nostalgic now…!

  2. ALAMA!!!!! You aahh…. come to singapore and no tell me!

    Tell me more about it…. would love to hear about it from a visitors point of view. πŸ˜€

  3. Wow! Gini, we vacationed there in 2000. Beautiful place…And we were craving for some Indian food. While riding a bus, we saw a tamil restaurant board, and we got off the bus on the next stop and walked back. That was one of the most enjoyable lunch!! You reminded me all that, and I feel like to visit again. We didn’t have a digital camera then, so I only have some old fashioned photos.
    Looking forward to hearing more stories, and seeing more pictures.. Welcome back.

  4. Hiya, great to hear you have been to Singapore. I am a singaporean and reading your website makes me miss home more. Hope you had a great time there. I like your keralite recipes and just too bad i have not been able to buy any grated coconut from Cardiff, UK yet to make some of the authentic recipes.

    Everyone says singapore is a horrible place to work………..sad but its true…..too stressful!

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