Baby food: Ragi/Millet



These are soaked in water, drained and ready to be powdered.

It is recommended as a great food for infants. It is supposed high in calcium for the growing bones.

Little feet

We brought back lots of ragi flour from India which finds its way into baby food and also puttu (like this). I know there are other ways to use this flour, but haven’t ventured to try any.

To make porridge for the baby, just mix the flour with water till runny. Cook over medium heat till it is cooked and thick. We don’t add any sugar. I save extras in single serve containers in the refrigerator.


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  1. BTW…Ragi isn’t just great for babies its also amazing for lactating mothers. Its a HUGE HUGE source of calcium and a way to get calcium from a source other than dairy. I had to be careful about my dairy consumption when I was feeding my daughter because it gave her colic and I used to eat chapati (indian bread) made with a mix of atta and ragi flour for my daily calcium intake!

  2. Hello.. thought I’d drop by and see whats cooking 🙂

    This Raagi dish reminded me of home.. one of my favorites as a kid.. I am going to call Renju and ask him to buy some Ragi podi on his way home 🙂

  3. hi
    after a long time , such great photos and cute little feet too.
    you can make dosas with ragi flour just add ragi flour some rice flour and mix with sour buttermilk to make a runny batter for dosas .
    These are quick to make and nutritious too.

  4. Hi! You’ve got a great blog and i really appreciate u cooking up all these wonderful dishes — with work, baby etc! esp so becoz i can hardly seem to get it all together with my lil one around clinging to my feet most of the times in the kitchen! I LOV cooking and good food and lpv ur droolworthy pics !
    Great job. I did not know ragi was good for baby…will start on that for my lil one.
    BYW any more hommade indian recipes for babyfood?’d be really helpful to me.
    God Bless!

  5. hi.i am in search of a brand called POSHAK(RAGI FLOUR)from u know any place in toronto where i wil get toddler loves it and i am running out of stock now.donno wat to do.used to make it at home but now she likes this can i procure it from india.can u suggest something.thanks

  6. hi,
    I am a mother of a 9 month old and have been feeding him ragi since he is 6 month. Just wanted to share this in ur blog. Whenever you grind ragi strain off the brown skin and just take the creamy part of it. Its best for babies. You may add milk and water and not sugar but sugar candy.


  7. hi
    I use a lot of Ragi flour too at home , for rotis with 1:1 Ragi flour and wheat flour, I make dosas ( I will be posting about it soon) with sour butter milk, make thick adai like with all flours mixed and onions , coconuts etc
    Baby feet are sooo….. cute..

  8. Hi,

    Please can you let me know how long to saok the ragi for.
    Actually, i have just started solids for my 6-month old. doctor asked me to give him ragi mixed with water and jaggery. i live in dubai and i have no clue how to go about it. anyway, i got the wholegrain ragi, washed it in water ( didn’t soak it as you said), put it in the sun to dry and then ground it into powder.
    now, i put 1 spoon of this powder in 1/2 cup of water on heat. i add 1/2tsp of jaggery into it and wait till everything forms into a loose paste ( not more than 2-3 min)
    please please please let me know where i am going wrong. my son’s motion contained ragi particles….hope thats not a bad sign.

    waiting for your reply,

    • This is how we used to do it: Soak the powder into water and leave for about 2-3 mins. Skim off the powder that collects on top ( we stopped doing it when he was older). Put it on the stove and keep stirring occasionally till it’s thick. Why do you think you are doing something wrong? Is it the consistency? We never added any sugar but jaggery seems to be a good idea. Kids poop contains a lot of the things they eat- not be alarmed 🙂 Have fun with your kid. Let me know if you have any more questions. Regards Gini

  9. I bought some whole ragi grains, and washed them and dried them. Then roasted them and ground them to as fine as I could grind them in a mixer. It’s still a tiny-tiny bit coarse, I mean not as fine as fine rice flour.
    Whenever I cook the ragi, I roast the powder in some ghee and then add water and let it cook. It’s a smooth past with some grizzly bits, like raw semolina texture. How can I get rid of the grizzly bits? I dont want them because I’m giving it to my 8 month old baby.
    Can we also simply boil the ragi grains in a pressure cooker and puree the cooked grains to feed the baby?


    • its actually not ground well in a can be ground to fine powder only in a professional mill.if u intends to give this to baby then be careful of its skin(bran) coz babies cant digest it but its best for adults..u can soak it for sometime then grind it and use a muslin cloth to strain the ground mixture(a normal strainer can also be used but muslin strains more finer)and then u can boil the strained liquid adding sugar(jaggery is best for babies) stirring until it thickens..the best and highly nutritious homemade baby food is ready….

  10. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.

    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. kudos

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