Pick of the evening: Salad Greens



Our first pick of the season from our little veggie patch.

Two types of lettuces, arugula and pea shoots.

Tossed it with some lemon vinaigrette. Arugula was my favorite.

Sending this over to the Grow Your Own (GYO) event at the Daily Tiffin.

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  1. So Chweet Gini..Thats a splendid pick to my eyes..fresh and yes from own place..thats the magic..you are awesome Gini..hugs

    • It’s a small area. just aroung 2×4 ft maybe. We have lettuces and arugula but we just keep eating the arugula. It’s so tasty and addictive. Lettuce pales in comparison, I think.

  2. Our arugula bolted in the heat so no more until the fall, but I look forward to enjoying the baby leaves, they are so delicious. Thanks for sharing with Grow Your Own!

  3. Love you collection of greens. Absolutely nothing beats fresh picked salad greens form the garden in early summer. This year (like last) it’s been a terrible spring/summer and with all the rain and hail we’ve been getting, no greens from our garden this yr.

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