Need some blog protein


Blog fatigue has been prevalent. I can’t even remember the last time I regularly posted. I find that I hardly have the motivation to sit and type anything that I want to publish here. Taking photos of meals seems too much of a hassle. Yet I don’t want to give up on this space. As usual, I brought home with me a few vegetarian cookbooks from the library looking for inspiration. Hope it helps 🙂

As a household we want to include more veggies and fruits in our diet. We also try to get most of our weekly veggies and fruits from the local farmer’s market. Our local market is really small with few vendors but they have a decent selection.

Some pics from the market

Our local farmer's market

Our local farmer's market

This week's purchase

This week's purchase

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  1. hello gini, your recipes have given me ideas quite a number of times. so do write when you have the time and mood. it is necessary to take breaks once a while, but do post when you have something 🙂

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