Sexy little things


On a recent trip to Kerala, certain dishes from the kitchen tasted a lot better. On enquiry, these little beauties emerged as the taste boosters. They are hot and the heat they offer is unlike any other. It is something that makes a malayalee homesick.  This is kaantari mulaku.

How to make kaanthari mulaku sammanthi- Learn from Inji

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  1. Hey Gini,
    I think we bought a pack of these chillies in brine from a Kerala stall in the recent exhibition in the city! Yet to open it – the hubby is fond of all things spicy and salty, so he’s go to be eating them…also bought some mace, plantain chips fried in coconut oil and pala chips 🙂

  2. Kaanthaari molaku grows in our garden.

    You can pickle them in brine, they’re pretty awesome.

    A really neat and super easy chammandi:

    A couple of kaanthaari molakukal
    One raw chappi kudikkunna maanga that was pickled in brine(no idea what it’s called in english)
    One shallot
    Coconut oil (according to taste)

    With your fingers, just mash the mango first and then everything else. Add a little coconut oil

    I used to eat this just with plain rice, but it’s a great chutney.

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