Green Blog Project _ Radish Pachadi ( radish in yogurt)



Finally after days of eyeing them, I finally decided to uproot some of my radishes. Aren’t they pretty? Radishes are very easy to grow and hardly any maintenance. They mature very fast. These were grown in some organic garden soil with no fertilisers whatsoever. I plucked out 5 plants today to make some pachadi.

Radish in ground a2.jpg

Pachadi in Kerala, or atleast in Kottayam is a mix of fried stuff( onions, ginger, chili and/or any other veg. like carrot,beetroot ) added to yogurt. The dish is spicy and hot, and is a wonderful side dish.
These red radishes arec2.jpg not usually available in Kerala. So, this happens to the first time I am using radish in a pachadi. The whole process takes about 10min and is quite healthy too.


Radishes cleaned and cut into small pieces 5 small or half cup

Few radish leaves cut into thin shreds

Onion diced fine 1/4 cup,Chilies 2 or 3 finely chopped, Ginger 1/2 tsp chopped, coriander leaves-i tbsp roughly chopped

Oil 1.5 tsp, mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp, salt 3/4 tsp(variable)

Yogurt half cup or more


The method is really simple. Heat a small pan on medium heat. Add oil, crack the mustard seeds. To this add onions,ginger and chilies. Stir till it is soft and turns slightly brown (4 mins). Add radishes and leaves, cook for 2 more min and remove from fire. The radish will be just cooked and still have a bite to it. Sprinkle the coriander just before you remove it from the stove.You can let it cool or store it in the fridge if not using immediately.

When ready to serve, take the sauteed ingredients andmix with yogurt. Adjust salt depending on the sourness of the yogurt. Serve immediately. If you let it sit for some time, the yogurt gets a purple hue from the radishes. It is beautiful!


I had this with rice accompanied by rasam from SH.

My submission for LG‘s Green Blog Project.

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  1. Beautiful photos Gini, i liked the first one the most. I thought perhaps all these root vegs need special attention, with the fresh confidence i got from your post, i might try growing it next year. Thank you.

  2. That is my favorite too. I took it right after they were plucked and kept it on the side handle of the grill. Came out better than I expected.
    No special attention needed whatsoever. These are ready in almost 2 months from the time you put them in the soil. You still got time this year Archana.

  3. Oh Gini! I love youuuuuuu!!! Look at that dirt,and the radishes…oh! I feel like eating the dirt!! :-))

    Thaan aalu seriyalla!:)Seems like you got a serious case of pica. This Green Blog Project of yours has taken off so well..I am so proud of you. 

  4. Hi Gini
    I have never tasted this pachadi but the pics wants me to do and taste this. Amazing pictures. Makes me feel the goodness of the organic soil – One bit of goodness for health –

    Yeah Revathi, it sure feels good and healthy to eat veggies you know have been untouched by any chemicals. 

  5. I forgot to mention that even the radish leaves can be cooked,if in case you are not aware!Its very tasty,just make it the way you would make any cheera thoran.

    Oh! thank you. I was wondering what to do with them. I sauteed some leaves and added it to a tomato rasaam, because I couldnt waste those leaves.  Thoran sounds like a good idea.

  6. Great pictures Gini!! Pachadi must have tasted real delicious especially since they were the fruits of your labor..

    Of course! Arjuna. It really did feel extra special. Thanks 

  7. Awww…….Gini, you are a mini LG in gardening….:) I am amazed at LG’s garden, and now you have a wonderful garden too. You two are awesome! Radishes, who would have thought of growing it? Keep them coming…never tired of seeing green blog project entries.

    RP..LG is way ahead in the league. I am just a little LG wannabe. But thanks for your kind words.

  8. Gini, which part of the radish do you plant? Or does this grow from seed/ (Ignorance on display here!!)

    Dont worry about the ignorance part. This one just happened to be a no-brainer. I sprouted the seeds and when they had about 3 leaves transplanted them onto the bed.  I am so lost when it comes to gardening of any sort..after hours researching on the web I am too tired to actually plant . So this time I did not read much, just the package instructions and it worked well.

  9. What a lovely photographic journey! Awesome!

    Thank you. The coriander vinaigrette sound great. I wonder what some fresh coriander leaves would do to the salad?

  10. hello ! I’ve just discovered your blog and I will come back to try a tempting recipe, although, living in france, in a smalltown, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find some ingredients…. Nice blog !

    Catherine, I am sure you are sorrounded by the best pastry shops in the whole world! Hope you make it back and do try some recipes.  

  11. You really do have a green thumb, don’t you? Those radishes look gorgeous! I have been buying them from the Farmer’s market almost every weekend, for use either in a simple salad or as part of radish sambar. Your recipe is a must-try this weekend.

  12. Hey Giniann,

    You appear to be an outdoors person, and an avid gardner, if I’m not mistaken . Those pictures of the eggplant, methi leaves and raddish are beautiful: sharp and sinfully succulent. I’ve always liked the concept of having a little vegetable garden in the house. Nothing like cooking veggies picked fresh from ones own garden. I guess most people in Kerala convert little patches in their backyard into vegetable gardens. The fertile soil and abundant water in the state, actively enhance plant growth. All those recipes posted on your blog look fantastic! Will definitely try them out!

    Meenakshi at PRITYA

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