lassi-with-blackberries.jpg fresh-squeezed-orange-juice.jpg ginger-smoothie.jpg




salad-of-potatoes.JPG img_3425.jpg


madakkusaan.jpg coco-sammanthi.jpg d.jpg

fried-egg-with-sumac.jpg upma.jpg

Small plates

gulkhand-tea-sandwiches.jpg uzhunnu-vada.jpg img_3512.jpg

The Bread Basket


Entrees and Sides (Vegetarian)

jfi-potato.JPG okra-andhra-style.JPG theeyal-main.jpg

radish-curry1.jpg potato-thoran-1.jpg cabbage-thoran.jpg

kfood.JPG dal-and-brinjal.JPG okra-i-miss-u.jpg

img_3440.jpg pesto.jpg d.jpg

kaalan.jpg radish-pachadi.jpg


kovakka-thoran.jpg deccani-baingan.jpg handmade-basil-pesto.jpg

Entrees and sides ( Non-vegetarian – Fish)

ktm-fish-curry.JPG unakka-chemmeen-curry.JPG fish-with-methi.jpg

shrimp-with-wild-rice.jpg singapore-chili-crab.jpg

Entrees & Sides Non-veg ( Chicken and meat)

grilled-rack-of-lamb.jpg biryani-plated.jpg





sweet-potato-balls.jpg creme-brulee.jpg

pistachios.jpg a1.jpg rasmalai-top.JPG

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  1. Hi iam sushma i liked ur blog very much. its reallly impressive. i started blogging a month back and im really enjoying it. if you are interested you can drop in to my blog and leave your comment. Thank you.

    Pls Note: there is no dot after www in my blog.

  2. Hi Sushma. Love your blog!

    Hey and love this image gallery as well. You know, I haven’t been able to find anything like this, and I’ve been looking for months now.

    Any chance you could comment or email me with the plugin you use? Would greatly appreciate it!

    That said, again, sincerely, nice place here. I’m definitely going to try out some of your delicous looking recipes. Please keep up the excellent job!

  3. Hey Gini,
    Amazing site you got there. Boy are you talented….! now that our baby is coming, i think i would need to make frequent visit to your page.
    Satish, lucky man you are…!

    Best Wishes,

  4. Hello,
    Would it be possible to find out if you have any copyright on your images and if you do, may i be able to use some of them for my ICT project in school?
    I came across your photograph of Oranges and they suit my project well, but i need some proof of allowance if you have any copyright.
    If they are public, sorry for any bother!
    Many thanks, Sam.

  5. Could you please get in touch with me on my e-mail please.
    I like your work and would like to feature it for publication.

    do let me know. thanks.

  6. Just happened upon your blag looking for a recipe for Idiyappams because I am communicating with a young lady from India who mentioned that she ate this for breakfast and I was just wondering what it was. I find your site very interesting. The pictures are fantastic and it gives you the desire to try the different recipes that you have done. Keep on the good work.

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