Radish curry- saute with onions, garlic and chili.



This curry follows the basic principles of making Kerala style mezhukkupuratti. The addition of garlic is not common, but we do add it while making plantain mezhukkupuratti.



A bunch of red radish – contains 6 to 8 radishes.

Onion- one small, sliced.

Garlic- 2 or 3 small cloves crushed

Green chilis – 8 small, crushed

Turmeric powder- a pinch.

Oil for saute

Mustard seeds – a pinch

Curry leaves- a sprig

Salt to taste

The leaves: Roll all the leaves together and slice into long shreds.


Clean the radishes and cut them as you would slice an apple. Clean the leaves, if you want to use them in the dish.


In a pan, add some oil. When it is hot, add the mustard seeds.

When the mustard seeds splutter, add curry leaves and onions. Saute for 3-5 mins till edges of the onions turn slightly brown.

Add the crushed garlic and chilis, and turmeric powder. Saute for about a minute or even less.

Add the radishes, mix well and add salt. Cook covered for about 3-4 mins.

Once the radish seems soft, remove the lid and crank up the heat. Saute on high heat for a couple more minutes. The radishes will be soft yet crunchy.

After you remove the radishes onto a plate, in the same pan quickly saute the leaves for a few seconds and add it to the top of the radishes.

For best results, serve right off the stove. The dish takes less than 15mins. Make this right before your meal.

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  1. Rooma, I am totally enjoying this break. We both are off from work till New Years. Planning to do some local travelling.

    Lakshmiammal, Using the leaves makes you feel better that you used the radish to its full. Love all the dishes on your blog.

    lakshmi, did you get to try it? Liked it or not?

    Krithika, I like that crunch you get when you bite into the radish. Loses the crunch as the curry gets cold.

    Seema, thanks! Adds color to the table. Happy holidays to you!!

  2. I guess I keep coming just to have a peak on this dish every now and then. Not that I don’t like your others but this one is one of the best.
    Thanx again

  3. lovely recipe liked it a lot.thanks for it.was wondering what can i do with this radish other than a salad.thank you once again.

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  6. As my name too the same jiniann i got surprised to see the site even me too likes cooking ,the recipes are too good and simple .

    All the best wishes


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  8. Hi Gini,

    Thanks for the recipe…I followed it to the T! and it turned out okay..! though it looked nothing like ur pic…but tastes good though! 🙂

  9. wow, this was really delicious, eating it right now. Really easy to make, i added some carrots, and they added a nice sweetness to combat the spicy-savory going on.

    What do you think of adding heavy cream after the radishes cook?

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    • Molly,
      I was looking at the radishes recipes, since I just bought a bag of them, and I noticed that everyone who posted here has a personal geometric design set in a square.

      I have degrees in mathematics and computer science, so at
      the outset I tried to analyze them. But I went against that inclination and decided to ask for help.

      Can you tell me how to make one of these, what if any website is involved, just basically how to create one of these designs?


  11. So I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of this meal, and apparently some of the pepper residue was still on my hands, because I spent the next 30 minutes in agony.

    Beyond that, good recipe. I suggest having a good amount of onion, because honestly, that was the best part of the dish, in my opinion.

  12. Looks lovely, but what exactly is a “small green chili?” Serrano, jalapeño (either of those would make the dish VERY hot), or something else? I know the terminology surrounding chiles (note the correct spelling) is difficult, but “small green chili” just isn’t very helpful

    • Rereading this, I think it comes off as a bit snippy (especially the spelling comment), which was not my intention. Sorry about that.

      Still, I think a little clarification about what kind of chile is intended would be a good thing. I can think of several different chiles, with greatly varying degrees of heat, which would fit the description.

      • An Indian Green chilly is also known as “Hari mirch”.. It is slender, long and spicy. I did not find the scientific name anywhere though… If you put “Indian green chilly” in google images, you can see this spice which is generally used in almost all Kerala dishes…
        Hope that helped..

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  19. Just harvested a dozen or so giant radishes from my greenhouse today will try this recipe tomorrow (today’s dinner is already sorted).

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