Happy Birthday, Meeta.



When summer comes, the roses in our garden steal the show. We have a climbing rose that blooms with a vengeance. Even better, once the summer blooms are gone, they bloom again around fall. What better flower to celebrate Meeta’s birthday. Her dishes are glamorous, her pictures captivating and sleek, and her writing is lots of fun. She has invited us over to celebrate, and I had to make something elegant! Got to keep up, right?


Original recipe: Here

I made this dish when I was really hungry, and so measurements are approximate.

Make the pasta according to package instructions. I only made enough for one serving.

While the pasta is cooking, you can assemble ingredients for the pasta. I took about 15 basil leaves, a tbsp of pine nuts, a garlic clove, generous splash of rose water and streamed in olive oil into the food processor to make a pesto. Then I added parmesan cheese (grated), salt and pepper to complete the pesto.

Once the pasta is cooked, mix it with the pesto and decorate the dish using rose petals. You can leave the petals as it is. I made confetti like pattern by just slicing the petals into thin strips.

I was very very skeptical about the dish, but I ate every bite of it and enjoyed it. The aroma of the rose water is not overpowering. I think the aroma of the basil leaves blends well with the rose water. A simple dish made elegant with the sprinkling of rose flower confetti!!

Meeta, I hope you enjoy the dish and wish you a very happy Birthday!!

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  1. hey gini, i have the exact same climbing rose. yours looks glorious. it’s vey fragrant too. i’m making gulkand out of the petals.

  2. Bee, same pinch! I just made my first batch of gulkhand today. How did you make it? I just layered the rose petals with sugar and topped with honey. I am thinking of making another bottle with just honey and petals. Will you share how you made yours? It is my first time making it.

    Suganya, thanks! It is a beautiful presentation with rose petals.

  3. hey gini,
    loved the climbing roses. I just got red climbing rose last week and am little confursed if about our pick as the red roses look a little dull after a few days after their bloom which spoils the look of whole batch of them. Hope I am not dissapointed with it next yr. Pasta with rose petals wow you are so creative Gini.

  4. Seema, I guess that’s how the flowers are. Old ones fade and new ones grow. Mine is many years old and has lots of flowers, yet there are as many old flowers as there are new ones. Don’t let that bother you : ) Enjoy the fresh blooms. Or remove the old ones and dry them.

  5. Gini, I am looking forward to having this dish at the party. Can’t wait to try some. The pics looks beautiful, the rich pink constrasts well with the pale yellow of the pasta.

    Thanks, Cynthia. It looked pretty glam.

  6. Very glam, indeed! And what a novel way to eat roses!

    Inspired by your post, I have some gulkhand in the making. I didn’t use citric acid because I didn’t have any. I just layered the petals with sugar and honey. I was going to do a batch with just honey and roses, but the rains came and all the petals were shed 😦

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was blushing the same color as those gorgeous roses LOL! Thank you for sharing this lovely dish.

  8. Coffee, I was pretty excited to try out this recipe. I am glad it turned out good.
    Thanks, Nabeela. Haven’t done much cooking recently. With all the warm weather we have been having, we have been eating out mostly.
    Meeta, my pleasure!
    Mandira, there is an open house next door. Come check it out.
    Soumya, thanks!

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