Nostalgic Ads


Some of my favorite ads from the Doordarshan days.

My favorite ad was the ‘meri jaan meri jaan murgi ki ande’ ad. Anyone has links to that?

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  1. I used to really like Preity Zinta in some ad – cant remember what the product was, some kind of chocolate, I think. She was SOOOOOOOO pretty! πŸ™‚

    I LOVED the murgi ke ande ad too! πŸ™‚ If you find a link, do put it up on your blog, Gini!

  2. Oh Gini, You made me sooooo nostalgic. The memories just rush in. I just loooved the advertisements on Indian TV back then. I loved the ads more than the programs then. Most ads were so creative and captivating without being annoying. I do not know how ads are now in India. Somehow, the US ads have not captured me even a little bit; i find them rather annoying.

  3. If you still love old tv shows (like malgudi days, fauji), check them out at for free viewing. I just found them some days back and can’t get enough πŸ˜€

  4. ayyo enikkineem kutti aavanam. 😦
    I also want to see mango frooti, britaniya milk bikees(is that how you spell it?), parle-G etc.. there are lots that I loved!

  5. Hey Gini,what a great selection of those ads!where did you find them?makes me think of my childhood days!and Murgi ke andey was my favs too!:)

    On You Tube. Check it out..there are many more!!

  6. As a kid, I loved ads much more than anything else on TV πŸ™‚
    The “hamara bajaj”, lalitha-ji with the surf, “I love sil jam” and dozens of other ads. Ads in the US are awful, IMHO.

  7. Thanks for these nostalgic ads.
    Do any of you guys remember the an ad of ericsson mobile phone, may be about 10 years back? Beginning of the mobile age, and a pretty girl talking hiding the mobile under her hair. The guy thinks that she is talking to him and approaches her when she says ‘one black coffee please’!! Got any links to this?

    My pleasure, Jithu. Oh yeah, I remember it. It was so funny πŸ™‚ No links 😦

  8. Hi
    Wow ! loved these ads ! u bought back old memories .. . there was another cute one ..wasnt an ad i think more like some educational jingle.. .it went like this’ ek teetlee anek teeleya β€˜ was very cute..have u got ur hands on this …

    Yes, Vanita. Here it is.

  9. That was really, really good. The one film that I would kill to see, however, is the ‘Tree of Unity’. Remember that one with the people with conical heads growing a tree. And the famous wailing after the fight. Please, if anyone has it… please post it.

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